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Why remake this?
No! Don't you dare!
No. Disney is off-limits.
We are going to watch this and enjoy this thoroughly.
shut up!
what's up with your voice?
I have a cold.
Finally! my favorite childhood
movie in a brand-new live-action version
what could possibly go wrong?
Disney can do no wrong.
What's so great about disney anyway?
I refuse to take part in your toxic narrative.
I did like Shrek!
that's not Dis...
They removed that one scene.
okay that's that's fine.
Huh. They add a new songs...
that's good... I guess.
That dress is sort of...
I'm... NO. I'm having fun!
This is fun! Isn't this fun?
I like it a lot actually!
*end music plays*
it wasn't bad.
The CGI was nice.
And it's basically the same story...
but it wasn't really good either.
I feel so empty.
Hurts doesn't it?
Why remake this?
Let it out.
Why the already good ones?
Why not remake a Disney movie
that deserves a better point of view or
repairing mistakes like the hunchback of
Notre Dame without the gargoyles
Aristocats minus the racism!
the Black Cauldron.
Oh they are remaking that!
google it.
Oh! Oh...
How many old Disney cartoons are they
planning to remake exactly?
It's all of them isn't it. Yeah.
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Five Stages of Watching a Disney Remake

186 Folder Collection
luna.chou published on March 11, 2020
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