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  • Hi everyone, Sam here.

  • And in this lesson, we're going to look at four different uses of "quite."

  • We use "quite" before an adjective or adverb to mean less than very, but more than a little.

  • It's quite cold, and it's raining quite heavily today.

  • We can use "quite" before a verboften the verbs "like" and "enjoy."

  • I quite like watching football, but I don't love playing it.

  • We can use "quite a" before an adjective plus noun.

  • My brother is quite a good musician.

  • But, if we take the adjective away, and just have "quite a plus noun," the meaning changes.

  • My brother is quite a musician, which means my brother is a very good musician.

  • He's impressive.

  • So quite is quite useful, isn't it?

Hi everyone, Sam here.

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4 uses of quite - English In A Minute

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