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  • And today I want to just discuss a few safety tips for your visit to minutes.

  • So one of the first safety tips that I like to give out is Venice is well known for pickpockets.

  • There's a large contingency of very, very organized pickpockets that have already come into contact with my visit here.

  • So a few tips that you can use to ward off some of the pickpockets is get yourself a very good anti theft bag.

  • If you're gonna be carrying things, I'll show you the one I have here.

  • It's made by travel on.

  • I put the link below so you can look at the bag yourself, but get yourself a good one. 00:00:56.940 --> 00:01:0.400 It will definitely come in handy if you're gonna be walking around the streets of Venice. 00:01:1.490 --> 00:01:11.550 Another tip is make sure not to have your most important belongings in your either your back pocket or a place where they could easily be seen by the pickpockets.

  • Also, along with the pickpockets, they were very aggressive sellers here that sell selfie sticks or they'll try to come up and get you to take a tour.

  • They'll engage you face to face.

  • What you want to do is you want to keep them at a safe distance, because what I've noticed is they get very, very close to you, and there's always two or three close by.

  • One of the things they're known for here is they'll engage you in conversation from the front, and then somebody would come up from behind you and take your wallet out of your back pocket or try to get into your bag if it's on your back.

  • So definitely, if you get engaged by one of these, you could just tell him politely.

  • No, don't let him get inside your personal bubble. 00:01:59.340 --> 00:02:7.240 Keep him at a distance because they will get extremely close to you and the last safety tip, which is actually an interesting tip. 00:02:7.600 --> 00:02:9.610 I've been here a couple of days now. 00:02:9.620 --> 00:02:14.840 What I've noticed is the birds here are actually extremely aggressive.

  • They have pigeons, they've got these giant seagulls, and they've got these diving birds and dive into the water I've seen twice now where these Giants eagles have attacked pigeons, grabbed a pigeon on actual pigeon, taking it to the water and drowned it, while other pigeons and other Siegel's are trying to help them attack the one single pigeon.

  • So these seagulls are extremely aggressive.

  • They'll come up if you're eating outside and they will attack you to get your food, the pigeons will attack you to get your food.

  • If you're walking with it in your hand, just be mindful of if there's birds around. 00:02:57.990 --> 00:03:8.530 You want to hide the food because we have seen on a couple occasions now where they literally just come right at people with something in their hand and they will just attack the food. 00:03:8.530 --> 00:03:18.580 They don't care that it's a person holding it, Um, so I know that's a That's an interesting tip, but that is something that will keep you safe in your visit here.

  • So I hope you found this video beneficial.

  • Do you have any questions you can just comment below and Al s Answer the question on my visit.

And today I want to just discuss a few safety tips for your visit to minutes.

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Visiting Venice Italy - Travel Safety Tips

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/11
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