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  • Hey guys Ron White.

  • If you have been watching the National Geographic show Brain Games you might have seen me on

  • there and one of the demonstrations I did for the show is to memorize a deck of cards

  • and I want to show you how I memorized that deck of cards in the National Geographic Channel.

  • I used the tool called CHARACTER - ACTION -OBJECT and what that means is that for every

  • playing card have a person, a character might be a cartoon character or a real life person,

  • have a character, an action a verb and an object a noun. So character, action, object

  • for every single card. Let me go through three cards here and give examples. Jack of Clubs,

  • Jack looks like a person that reminds you of the Jack of clubs. I used Johnny Cash because

  • J and then clubs close to the C, JC. So I got Johnny Cash is the person or the character

  • for the Jack of Clubs. Now I have to think of an action that goes with Johnny Cash. I

  • think of that song, I fell into a burning ring of fire. So I think of that song for

  • Johnny Cash. So the person is Johnny Cash, the verb is igniting as if you are igniting

  • fire and the object is fire. Character, action, object, Johnny Cash igniting fire. My next

  • card Queen of Hearts, I had to think of a person or a character that goes with the Queen

  • of Hearts and I think of my mom. What could a verb for a mom be? Cooking. She loves to

  • cook and what could the object be, the stove. Mom, cooking at the stove is the person, action,

  • object and then finally the 3 of Diamonds, 3D. What is a good 3D movie? Spiderman. Spiderman

  • becomes a character, the action becomes climbing the building and the object is building. Spiderman,

  • climbing and building. So then you have your mom cooking at the stove, we have Johnny Cash

  • igniting the fire and you have Spiderman climbing the building. So basically I have a character,

  • action, object for all 52 cards. I memorize cards in groups of three. So let us say these

  • cards get played. This is the first card, Queen of Hearts. The person for it is my mom.

  • The next card to get played is the Jack of Clubs. Well the person for this is Johnny

  • Cash, but since it is #2 in the sequence, we take the #2 in the character, action, object

  • sequence. So #2 for this card igniting. So right now we have a mom igniting and when

  • the last card gets played, the 3 of Diamonds that is Spiderman, it is Spiderman climbing

  • a building, but since this is the third card in the sequence, we use the object, which

  • is building. So we have character, action, object, a mom igniting a building. So let

  • us say the cards were placed in this order and it was a 3 of Diamonds, the Queen of Hearts

  • and the Jack of Clubs. We will still do character, action, object. The character in that case

  • would be Spiderman, the action would be cooking and the object would be the fire. Let's say

  • they are played in this order. That's Johnny Cash climbing on a stove. So that's what you

  • do. So if you want more training on this in the description below, I have a much longer

  • video that describes how to just click that link, enter your email address, subscribe

  • to my videos here. But the bottom line is you use character, action, object and then

  • what I will do is I will take this picture of Johnny Cash climbing a stove and I would

  • visualize that on the first piece of furniture on my house. Then the next three cards get

  • played, I do the character, action, object for that. I visualize that on the second piece

  • of furniture in my house. So Johnny Cash climbing the stove on the first piece of furniture.

  • Then when I want to repeat the deck of cards, I simply go back, think of my house and I

  • talk about what I see on each piece of furniture. Enter your email address at link below for

  • more info on card memory. ALSO SUBSCRIBE TO CHANNEL

Hey guys Ron White.

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