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  • Hey guys! Rachel here in my office just doing a super quick video

  • to talk about the next video challenge.

  • The video challenge for the end of the year is the highlight of the year. I did this last year. It was really fun.

  • Click here to check out those videos from last year.

  • And now as I continue to talk about this challenge, I’m going to show you the highlight of my year.

  • The highlight of my year was a trip that I just took to Italy. We just got back about a week ago.

  • We were in Rome, Florence, Sienna, Naples, the Amalfi coast

  • and then we also saw some of the countryside in Tuscany.

  • We went up to Genoa. We just had an absolute blast! We loved everything about it!

  • The people, the food, the energy of the cities, and the peacefulness of the countryside.

  • That was the highlight of my year 2017.

  • What's the highlight of your year?

  • Let me know! Make a short video. Practice your English.

  • You can share photos if you want.

  • Describe the highlight of your year

  • then I’ll put them all together into a compilation video where we get to watch

  • everybody in the community’s videos.

  • The highlights of everyone's year! It's so fun!

  • So make a video, upload it to YouTube, make sure it's unlisted,

  • send it to this email address by this date.

  • Can't wait to know more about you guys, to see what was the highlight of your year!

Hey guys! Rachel here in my office just doing a super quick video

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