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  • We didn't actually have a viral video until we have made and uploaded over 900 someone videos until we had the first so called viral video.

  • Now I find that viral video.

  • This is my definition video.

  • Dad has gotten over a 1,000,000 in views.

  • One million views would consider that a good, solid viral video, and we've learned a lot of different things, and I want to give you just may be a simple tip that you can implement now in order to make a viral video. 00:00:53.550 --> 00:01:2.360 It's easier when you observe and look what odd the viral videos in your category, right? 00:01:2.620 --> 00:01:4.580 What, uh, what is a theme? 00:01:4.590 --> 00:01:7.180 What is the title in the video? 00:01:7.690 --> 00:01:9.160 And how did they film? 00:01:9.160 --> 00:01:16.560 That it makes a huge difference is easier to piggyback a an existing valor video and trying to come up with something brand new.

  • Remember back then, the number off videos.

  • Even now, I call them parody videos, right?

  • New movies coming up right now, I mean the Joker video because the movie so popular see a whole bunch of Joker related review or parody videos that's happening right now, right?

  • You've seen those that those videos going viral about because, ah, lot of people are searching for it because a lot of people are searching for a lot of people are paying attention to a certain theme.

  • You can pick it back that trend to make a viral video.

  • But I also believe that you cannot get to a viral video unless you are consistent. 00:01:56.910 --> 00:02:2.060 It's like think of that making getting that viral video is like getting a home right. 00:02:2.540 --> 00:02:3.790 But you gotta hit a lot single. 00:02:3.790 --> 00:02:4.790 It's before hit a home run. 00:02:5.390 --> 00:02:8.520 So instead of focusing on, I'm gonna make one. 00:02:8.520 --> 00:02:9.690 Video is gonna go viral. 00:02:9.690 --> 00:02:10.740 Everything's gonna be great.

  • Instead, I think your focus on hitting those singles right, being consistent, getting this salted views, building that base, and when you have something that hit, it's much easier.

  • Like once we have received the one video that one million views, it's easy to get a 2nd 3rd and fourth and I cover this much more extensively in YouTube secrets.

  • Think of that's a crash course on how we win from zero to over a 1,000,000 subscribers.

  • So you get that click the link below and get that today.

We didn't actually have a viral video until we have made and uploaded over 900 someone videos until we had the first so called viral video.

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How To Make A Viral Video

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/10
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