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  • I'm not sure if that hit the post one now.

  • Alex.

  • True, he'll bring it around on the backhand, whacking away at his Sorenson.

  • The scar marches.

  • Sorenson finds a hole underneath Hella Buck, and it's one nothing.

  • This is just really good stuff, Sorenson.

  • Chips it end.

  • Gambrel took to look over his shoulder.

  • Hold on to this park, weeks to set up shop.

  • This is where True takes the power.

  • Move those of the front and right there, gets one stab at it and then another chance for Sorenson.

  • So Sorenson finally gets a goal after being stagnant for 25 games and good hard work started by Sorensen and finished by him out front. 00:01:0.090 --> 00:01:14.140 Marcus Sorenson's first goal since December 5th got a little poking on that Bubka's well, so right now it's looking like it could be soared since Bull, this stance called by safe here to review the nightstand.

  • We have a good goal, and it stands for Marcus Sorenson.

  • He leads from the blue line on the power play.

  • There's a safe by Della another first off, likely that offline.

  • A young and elegant hill dish for pee on wheeler, front of the net.

  • Weight that gets put out front.

  • Wheeler just draws in.

  • Dillon, enough in on that goal line. 00:01:58.160 --> 00:02:4.960 This is just a great individual effort, from watching pulled to his forehand in between his legs and over the shoulder of doubt. 00:02:6.030 --> 00:02:6.750 Saw Matthew. 00:02:6.760 --> 00:02:21.550 Could Chuck do that the other night when the Calgary Flames and look right through those legs expecting that thinking They're following that part and they've never played against one another in a pro game until tonight.

  • Happy birthday to the dealers to make it two on classic, just not making a really strong play in the corner.

  • And because of that, he tries to chase down his mistake.

  • And because of that, his player that he has in the corner now gets the puck and throws it real or out front with traffic.

  • As Adele has no chance with their Carlsen standing right in front of the eyes of his own goal. 00:02:51.730 --> 00:03:5.400 Tender Dylan for Sheldon told Hellman Nation for Milk Carlson and back Shellman now in front. 00:03:9.020 --> 00:03:14.380 A great play by Joel Shellman and the Sharks have tied it here in the third.

  • Quick play right there by Shellman was an indirect way to milk her calls and good job by staying onside.

  • And now Shellman is the one that follows the playoff into the skates of Melker.

  • Carlson lands right on the tape is there is the give and go.

  • Carlson now goes straight to the net.

  • You gonna see, Come off the inside of that skate and then obviously right on the toe of a stick and deposits it behind hell about to tie the game.

  • But beautiful little play here, set up on a given gold by Shellman weighing his defensive zone, follows it up to make that path.

  • Your store top burns.

  • One timer save rebound back for burns again.

  • This was a Taliban.

  • Can't stop it in the store team.

  • Oh, Meyer.

  • The Sharks, with two quick ones, have the lead. 00:04:0.630 --> 00:04:2.880 One shot comes right out to the high slot. 00:04:2.890 --> 00:04:5.620 There, back that Burns gets it to the net again. 00:04:5.620 --> 00:04:7.610 Annette Little rebound off of hell. 00:04:7.610 --> 00:04:13.340 A buck lands on the tape of Team Ohlmeyer, but good job by Brent Burns and then the follow up their team.

  • Oh, Meyer cashes in for the lead.

  • Gold out for the San Jose Sharks are in the lead here in one day.

  • Good roll.

  • A nice job off the face off.

  • Burns will send it up the board, but not out lining back to the net.

  • Della, save off the deflection by and now dining on the loose puck in the gold freeze with 5.8 to go.

  • Nice job Steers to Dylan now burns behind the net, this whole room all the way out in the shark's hang on and win here in winter.

I'm not sure if that hit the post one now.

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