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  • They're easy to make a lot less expensive, and we're hoping that you're gonna give it a try.

  • It starts with some basic ingredients.

  • We have distilled water.

  • You do not want to use tap water.

  • Tap water will make your finished product cloudy.

  • And I figured this out.

  • You want to do one part, and I'm gonna use 1/4 cup.

  • So we're gonna use one part distilled water.

  • And you always want to use glass or metal products when you're using anything with essential oil.

  • Because if you's a plastic product that will absorb the aroma.

  • And if you're using that same bowl for something else later, even if it's for cooking, it might still have the flavors of your essential oils that you used.

  • The next ingredient we're going to use is 100 grain alcohol. 00:01:0.270 --> 00:01:2.200 This could be found at liquor stores. 00:01:2.940 --> 00:01:4.710 You do not want to use rubbing alcohol. 00:01:4.750 --> 00:01:8.780 You want 100 grain alcohol, which is actually a vodka. 00:01:9.600 --> 00:01:11.060 Okay, we're gonna use one part of that.

  • So would be 1/4 cup a swell.

  • The next ingredient we want to choose is our aroma tea tree has been used for centuries.

  • It's known as a healing and a medicinal fragrance.

  • Excuse me.

  • Essential oil.

  • A lot of people do not like the aroma of tea tree, so I always prefer the lavender oil.

  • You always want to use essential oil and that fragrance oils essential oils do arrive right from that plant.

  • Our product material, where fragrance oils come for mon amore fragrances with little bit essential oil added and perhaps a carrier oil to make it go farther.

  • So always use essential oil in this, so we're going to use 45 drops.

  • It's okay to use one arm or or even three fragrances.

  • Let's times if you want to mix tea. 00:01:58.020 --> 00:02:2.480 Tree with lavender, even in vanilla goes really well with this but 45 drops. 00:02:6.040 --> 00:02:11.320 It goes a long way, and the next ingredient is our Allah gel.

  • We want to use a gel because it's thicker.

  • This finished product could be used in a spray bottle It could be using a pumper can be used in a squeeze bottle is well, if he used liquid al Oh, it be to running into thin Al Oh is the ingredient that's gonna make your hands feel nice and soft after uses sanitizer.

  • So we want to use two parts of the Al Oh, Joe.

  • And if you remember, I used 1/4 cup of the other ingredients, so this would be 1/2 a cup and you can see it's quite dick.

  • And you're gonna wonder how is that gonna mix up with that other liquid?

  • But it does quite nicely.

  • We're just gonna play this here.

  • This gets poured in here.

  • I am using a rubber spatula here, but that's because there's no fragrance or essential oil on it yet. 00:02:57.080 --> 00:03:3.330 Then I take a metal spoon and I'm just gonna mix it up thoroughly and it just takes a couple minutes. 00:03:3.330 --> 00:03:4.540 You just gotta play with it. 00:03:5.640 --> 00:03:10.260 And, you know, it seems like you can't go anywhere these days without thinking about hand sanitizers.

  • Either They're sitting at the counter on the the cash register where you're checking out or you're wishing you had some somewhere because somebody was coughing or sneezing by you.

  • And I've chosen these little spray bottles.

  • You can get him anywhere.

  • You're like A 99 cents 79 cents depends.

  • You could use a big pump.

  • You could even recycle a soap dispenser pump that you have by your sink.

  • You could use that as well, but you'd want to take your funnel, fill it up and just poured in here.

  • This will make a little bit too much for what's in here.

  • It actually should have been stirred just a hair more because the ala jealous is still a little bit thick in there.

  • Screwed on and that's it. 00:03:59.020 --> 00:04:0.270 It's easy to d'oh! 00:04:2.730 --> 00:04:4.100 Great gift ideas. 00:04:6.500 --> 00:04:7.570 Smells good. 00:04:7.590 --> 00:04:8.760 Get that baby going.

  • Herbal hand sanitizers their natural anti bacterial.

  • Give it a try.

They're easy to make a lot less expensive, and we're hoping that you're gonna give it a try.

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