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  • I think this game is different.

  • I think, um, you know, we we had a number of, you know, looks at the rim that we weren't able to convert on.

  • Um, but, you know, guys, we're gonna have off nice.

  • We don't have have enough, you know, we'll look back on it.

  • There's things everybody can do better.

  • Um, but, you know, those three guys have been there for us all year, and you know that there's a lot of little things, you know, whether it's making an open shot when we had wanted to go in.

  • It's a good look, and I thought particularly, you know, when we get to the rim, coming up with something are drawing a foul. 00:00:59.120 --> 00:01:6.770 You know, those possessions were hard for us because you're you're defending against numbers the other way. 00:01:7.000 --> 00:01:16.950 So we put pressure on the defense when we don't convert, but, um no, like I said, we've total confidence in those guys and we'll bounce back.

  • Yeah, Quit on the other side of ball.

  • Uh, lately, transition defense has been a little bit of a problem for you guys.

  • And tonight it looked like it really hurt not only in transition, but also early offense with them getting shots off.

  • Yeah, they're they're, you know, they're really that's what they do, you know?

  • And, you know, I think sprinting back and, you know, stopping that initial push, you know?

  • And then they're shooting threes.

  • No, in trail that that I think we'll see our transition defense was really impacted.

  • You know, sometimes it's defending against eternal over, but when you miss it, the ram you know, you don't have balance. 00:01:57.860 --> 00:02:1.730 You only have three guys back there in Freddy's on the boards, and that that makes it. 00:02:1.740 --> 00:02:2.840 That makes it really hard. 00:02:2.840 --> 00:02:8.150 So, in a sense, you know, I think our offense can help our defense in that regard. 00:02:8.540 --> 00:02:16.460 Um, but there, there, you know, we looked at a couple of clips halftime in transition where, you know, I thought they got to the rim on us particularly.

  • And it felt like we did a little better job, and that is the game went on.

  • But it's like I said, It's it's hard to defend, you know, when you go to the rim and we come up empty at the rim and guys air, you know, maybe they stretched out and falling down whatever the case is.

  • So, coach, with the way that your bench played, it seems like they were kind of able to get you guys back in games and kind of close up deficits.

  • How do you think that they How do you think that they played?

  • How do they manage the game?

  • They were in there now?

  • I think they were really good on Tony was really good.

  • I thought that they did a good job communicating defensively, changing things up a little bit. 00:02:58.710 --> 00:03:2.530 And, uh, you know, obviously Joanna had a really good night. 00:03:2.900 --> 00:03:16.240 Kind of we played threw him a little bit on the offense, Ben, but I thought they did a good job in every aspect of the game when I wanted to ask you about transition on the other end.

  • Uh, you forced 21 turnovers and only get 20 points out of that.

  • What needs to approve there.

  • Yeah, you know that that's been something that's been a strength.

  • You know where, Um, we just didn't We weren't able to convert.

  • A lot of, you know, we had, You know, we probably ball a couple of times we, you know, still laid up.

  • Still a lot of things that I don't think it was anything that you weren't We weren't doing.

  • Sometimes you look for the reasons that something doesn't go on other times.

  • You know, we got guys that could make those plays.

  • They just weren't able to make him tonight.

  • I don't think there's anything we did wrong, per se.

  • You know, we had the ball roll out. 00:03:58.940 --> 00:04:1.120 It took the lead for everything that went wrong. 00:04:1.120 --> 00:04:5.860 You took the lead in 87 85 they had guys playing big minutes for the second diner. 00:04:5.860 --> 00:04:6.820 Other look tired. 00:04:6.960 --> 00:04:10.320 What went wrong there in the last few minutes when everything seemed to be point towards?

  • Yeah.

  • You know, I think we really struggled to score, obviously, the last six minutes, and I didn't think that, you know, we were lacking execution per se.

  • We just didn't We didn't score.

  • So, um, you know, As I said, our bench had given us a great stretch and got extended, and then we came back and, you know, I think, you know, I felt like the game was going our direction and flipped back the other way.

I think this game is different.

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