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  • Westmore.

  • Tonight we'll be in gala for the twenties.

  • Much against France.

  • Never deal.

  • First of all, as a venue.

  • Good place to clean up, but you'll be biased in orbit is not be the best year there is.

  • It's a great great suffers a big pictures well, which which you'd lend itself.

  • Open.

  • Dean.

  • A great surface well looked after on hopefully good support they need as well from the twenties.

  • The attorneys will be looking t get when they need to win in this championship.

  • So how is the progress being going so far this season?

  • They lost all three games.

  • I'm not to be a fact, but there's been good performances in there.

  • Good individual performed the Seder.

  • Young Morse.

  • Today the guy's in under 20 is issued in the first year. 00:00:57.910 --> 00:01:1.690 Most players will have two years under 20 most majestically and then 18. 00:01:1.690 --> 00:01:9.030 So in the first years of the quite young talent, but they'll be up against it on tomorrow night against diggers Friends. 00:01:9.030 --> 00:01:16.550 They set pieces strongly, have won all three of the games they're playing with on a short and said to the players today.

  • Actually I was in with us for a bit, too, did, he said.

  • There's a definitely win in them on hopefully, and it shows the importance off this particular age.

  • When you look at the Scotland sale, you join.

  • Agree, Richie A.

  • CZ.

  • Well, you know, they've all come through that under 20 states are important.

  • A stage in your career is that it's usually when I played, it was it was under 20 ones.

  • There's no changed a tender twenties, which makes it more difficult to come from our agent in the national arena effectively.

  • Younger.

  • Really.

  • About Stuart Hogg showing, D'oh!

  • You see John agree?

  • Just played last year from the twenties.

  • There's other players gotta mash. 00:01:55.340 --> 00:02:5.120 But last year, Bennett, who are on the fringes of class, going on Scotland lots, lots more, so it is very it's fit. 00:02:5.120 --> 00:02:11.480 It's difficult because, you know it's a hard like most of the guys that willingness to model will play in a top 14.

  • Number 20 is going to the World Cup, someone planning exclusive plea on super rugby, so it's a big challenge.

  • But the best ways to kill Ernest to meet these challenges and take more coverage tomorrow night on Scottish would be on lane on.

  • Of course, the commentary team has a bit of a board of trying a bait it with yourself and build John Snow much.

  • You looking forward to summarize in with Bill?

  • Yeah, Bills.

  • You know, a long, long time for for BBC Radio Scotland.

  • A great man I've known for a long time.

  • So looking forward to getting back to Garland, take it.

  • It will be a great game.

  • It will be tough for the twenties, but I believe we can do.


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