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It is a tale of two young women and two gentlemen, who receive much better than their deserve.
Which of the painted peacocks is our Mr. Bingley?
He's on the right. On the left is his sister
The person with the quizzical brow?
That is his good friend, Mr. Darcy (My young nephew, Mr. Thomas Lefroy)
- But her sister Elizabeth is agreeable. (Jane) - Perfectly tolerable.
Not handsome enough to tempt me.
What value is there in an introduction when you cannot even remember my name?
Jane: The most disagreeable...
-So, what do you recommend? -Dancing
Even if one's partner is barely tolerable
Jane:....arrogant fo men.
-Mr. Darcy! -Miss Elizabeth
I would regard it as a mark of extreme favour if you would stoop to honour me with this next dance.
-May I have the next dance, Miss Elizabeth? -May
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Books are Mirrors || Pride & Prejudice/Becoming Jane

6279 Folder Collection
GINGER published on January 12, 2014
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