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Number one.
I got one watcher already.
I'm betting it's Gary Snow.
The Willow Caring.
So Doe, William Garrett Snow Jr.
You like watching my Lifestream and touching himself inappropriately?
That guy's a charity fraudster.
Huge charity.
Um, I'm gonna flip you around.
Guys were here.
Lee County Jail.
Yo, what's up?
Viral tuber tonight with rights Crispy Lee, watch on its eyes on the state News now, South Florida.
We are at Lee County Jail checking the place out after hours. 00:00:59.690 --> 00:01:6.780 We're very naughty seeing if they respect our right to film in public. 00:01:9.790 --> 00:01:21.030 She And if they, uh, have any issues with us being around here way will be out for a while later tonight.
We've got something biggest store for you tomorrow.
We're hooking up with another class act in the auditing community in South Florida on, uh, should be a good time.
Other visitations right now.
We've got some video visitation going on here.
She could see that's right.
B t won't be along right at all.
You got to get buzzed in.
Looks like rights crispy Got buzz then no cellular arrows permitted, though. 00:02:2.340 --> 00:02:3.680 E t A. 00:02:3.680 --> 00:02:6.850 I can't I can't give up the secret before it's out. 00:02:7.910 --> 00:02:9.240 We'll see. 00:02:9.270 --> 00:02:10.130 I guess.
What's up?
What's up?
What's up, Bob?
Major Archie.
I did not go to court in Tampa for the port today.
My lawyer put in an appearance for me, so I did not have to go, so that was nice.
Um, I don't want to give away too much of the case already, but, um, but when I, uh when I do, um when we when we finished the case, I'll give you guys to run down and how everything went.
I was handled.
I just don't wanna give away anything yet.
You got some great content coming for you guys.
Way did run into Gary Snow.
Guys don't know who Gary Snow is.
He is the people's patriot.
YouTube, uh, hard on for auditors.
And I mean, he basically went around to all the counties.
I guess he got wind of us coming down south Florida and hey went toe all the counties around and passed out pictures of us.
And I was telling him what what we do.
So he's got a real hard on for auditors.
So, yeah, he's trying to meet somebody he's posted a lot of Trying to give you the time is all he is.
I don't think much is going on in here.
Walk around outside.
See if I couldn't see anything.
What's up, Wolf?
Excuse me.
You know there's somebody in jail here.
This is just video visitation.
No jail break.
Thanks, Dave.
See, Buddy, I try to keep it the same way.
I've always kept it trying to do this the right way or what I believed to be the right way toe where we get some actual an ability.
And I have to say, guys, Florida seems to be shaping up. 00:04:55.900 --> 00:05:4.400 I mean, definitely nowhere near complete, but I'm running out of places here because these guys, they see us coming, they know we're coming. 00:05:4.630 --> 00:05:7.260 And, you know, they put on a happy face. 00:05:7.820 --> 00:05:10.970 So I've decided to do is with our bang.
Newsgroup is, uh, we're going to go straight.
Thio citizens complaints Find out what is, uh, occurring in these counties when I'm not there with my camera, and then we're gonna go in that way and see if we can get some redress for the citizens there.
This is kind of interesting.
I got some Looks like your huts.
Sure not sure who that is.
I know there's a work release center here.
There's a juvenile center here.
There's a G four s juvenile center here.
Some Gramp Lynn?
No, in broken glass eye.
We don't plan on it.
You know how I roll. 00:05:59.080 --> 00:06:0.350 There's tyrant ear. 00:06:2.240 --> 00:06:19.070 We will take care of them methodically and through legal channels, making sure that, uh, making sure the job is done in a person that people and, uh and, you know, telling them you're right.
And all that stuff that doesn't really cured their Tierney.
That doesn't make him a pause when they're going to violate another citizen's rights.
Who doesn't know the rights, you know.
So we're sticking on it.
It's a job, really is.
You know, we've been out again.
You know, we left the house it like eight.
This morning.
8 30 We got down the Naples by 9 30 and, uh, we've been on the road all day, so, uh, I take pride in my work.
Um, I like what I do, and I want other people to get involved with it. 00:07:0.010 --> 00:07:5.750 Speaking of which, guys, we are looking for a graphic designer. 00:07:6.660 --> 00:07:17.320 If anybody is skilled in that area and can donate some time Thio, help us do some design work.
You can contact me through my email Patriot discussions at gmail dot com.
Yes, I do believe in legalizing marijuana.
Ah, you know, I'm not a fan of victimless crimes.
Um, and be it.
You know, part of freedom is in the biggest part of freedom is personal responsibility. 00:07:41.440 --> 00:08:7.170 And, um, when people don't, you know, follow that or obey that, um, you know, when there were taking people for again, um, victimless crimes being prostitution or, you know, smoking marijuana or whatever, have you May, um, that's really just revenue for the state. 00:08:7.520 --> 00:08:23.450 You know, it's not not the way freedom is based, but of course, you know, I can't say that I've ever been free here in America, obviously freer than I would be in China or North Korea.
But, um, you know, being on the best plantation doesn't mean that I'm not on a plantation.
So and then just be better off leaving people alone.
You know, uh, I guarantee talk to majority people doesn't matter what party you're with, and they just they just want to be left alone toe, do what they're doing.
Raising their family.
Um, I gotta bust over here.
I'm gonna check out. 00:08:56.890 --> 00:09:3.840 We parked over here anyway, so I'm gonna walk over here, but, uh, you know anything of that nature? 00:09:3.840 --> 00:09:4.790 What do we got going on here? 00:09:4.790 --> 00:09:6.650 We got some cops out here, huh? 00:09:7.320 --> 00:09:8.150 Contact? 00:09:9.720 --> 00:09:11.100 See what we got going on.
That's right.
You know, do whatever you want to yourself when you start, um, messing with other people's property and actually committing crimes that damage, you know, another person or another person's property.
Uh, then you should definitely, you know, be punished for it.
That's that's natural law, you know?
So it works like that.
Yeah, yeah. 00:10:0.340 --> 00:10:0.810 Yeah. 00:10:8.840 --> 00:10:21.570 A law that says Wait.
Way looked.
He didn't see an apology.
Figures, cameras, recording devices, electronic devices allowed right here on the rules for visitation building visitation. 00:10:53.380 --> 00:11:0.650 You have to ask you to leave with wheels. 00:11:4.240 --> 00:11:5.660 The answer's no. 00:11:6.220 --> 00:11:7.700 There is no Florida State statute. 00:11:9.480 --> 00:11:10.520 It's just the policy.
No policies don't override law.
He shut the door and have the bus to get back then, but they get We got two guys on the inside, so we're doing good.
I'm not gonna worry about it like that.
That's right.
King Zombie Rule breakers.
So we got news now South Florida and writes crispy on the inside.
We've got me eyes on the stately Watch out here on the outside Watching our way in No cell phones. 00:11:58.400 --> 00:12:0.320 Hey, what's up, buddy? 00:12:0.810 --> 00:12:2.010 San Joaquin Valley. 00:12:2.010 --> 00:12:4.270 Transparency in the house. 00:12:4.500 --> 00:12:6.550 Okay. 00:12:7.540 --> 00:12:8.670 What's up, buddy? 00:12:9.240 --> 00:12:12.350 Yeah, yeah, That's Sinus for visitors, not journalists.
Excellent point there, mister Crispy.
This So gentlemen here Broke Has been through here likely, but for the hesitation No, no, just in general.
My my son was, uh they were trying to arrest my son for my charm, For it was he had a little marijuana charge.
And so they I when I talked to him and I said, You know, he's gonna play.
Uh, you need to come out when he's asleep and just taser him because he had okay. 00:12:56.600 --> 00:13:2.420 47 young stabbing, and he had a nine millimeter pistol. 00:13:3.860 --> 00:13:7.260 Kenyan Tasia ring be any problems? 00:13:7.450 --> 00:13:11.960 Bring minutes five minutes, eight, eight minutes.
Any way you like it.
2 a.m. Okay.
That's his prime time.
He's up doing drugs.
Like so They're yelling and screaming going on and order us out of the house.
I go out of the house, go over to safe area behind concrete wall to country Between me, you were my son.
He starts shooting, so I stay put because I got P A V.
I can't.
I can't walk more.
50 yards, right? 00:13:57.200 --> 00:14:2.590 They see me over there behind the wall and everything. 00:14:3.000 --> 00:14:6.890 It insisted that I come out this away, right? 00:14:7.100 --> 00:14:10.120 You are right in the field.
You know, isn't it got rather, rather than go on down towards like a flag, right where other police officers were standing like, What's the What's the deal?
Mother Gonna use you there?
Yuzu is body shield.
Yeah, you know.
So I get down Thio where they are.
They should turn around, turn around so they could see me on.
I get my pants on T shirts.
They could say I didn't have any weapons or anything.
Big Black got grabs me.
Those be over on the fucking ditch, then runs over there, jumps on my back, makes me shit my pants because he hit me so hard.
Get me in the back of the head.
Kept me. 00:14:58.870 --> 00:15:4.440 And then they told me into a fucking TRO car that you couldn't breathe. 00:15:4.440 --> 00:15:8.400 Then they take you to jail. 00:15:8.500 --> 00:15:10.950 No, they weren't even there for him.
I know they weren't there for them, but they didn't arrest you.
They don't let you out of the car.
They wouldn't let me out of the fucking car.
That would take the handcuffs off.
They walked May 1/4 of a mile, especially as they can down to the where the ambulance was and everything.
Get me down there.
The ambulance, guys.
Take my blood pressure.
200 won over 100 of Jesus stroke area.
Yeah, this hypertension having having your cups back here.
Oh, you know, and they cut your wrist and everything.
So they didn't let me out of the car.
Just letting you go, like Oh, sorry.
No, they didn't let me out of the car. 00:15:53.400 --> 00:16:0.260 Now Two of them grabbed me and want me as fast as they could down there to that ambulance. 00:16:0.420 --> 00:16:0.790 Well, right. 00:16:0.790 --> 00:16:2.050 But what happened after that? 00:16:2.640 --> 00:16:7.720 All my estate, you know, I could go anywhere, couldn't do anything for you. 00:16:7.720 --> 00:16:11.400 hand out the whole time feelings up the whole fucking time.
I said we'll lease.
Take the handcuffs off and put him in front.
Go and then, Angela, 45 minute.
Stop begging and pleading for them to take the handcuffs off and put him in front.
And And how long were you cuffed for?
Probably on our our 15 20 minutes.
You know.
How long ago was that?
A month ago.
A month ago?
Here in Lee County.
Yeah, but if you want, it was on you get you get you?
If he's If you got a contact information, give it to us and we'll pull records, couple body cams and dash cams.
And you can use that.
That's unlawful detainment.
And you could sue him.
You're talking 50 grand.
Maybe I sure could use you. 00:17:0.120 --> 00:17:2.480 Yeah, they confiscated all of his weapons. 00:17:2.480 --> 00:17:5.450 They confiscated his wife's iPad. 00:17:5.450 --> 00:17:8.970 You said all that stuff was that stuff and give him back to you. 00:17:9.540 --> 00:17:10.920 No, not at this point.
Oh, yeah, Yeah.
Get in touch with us.
He gave your contact information.
Get get it.
Give it.
Give us a ring.
Because this is what we live for.
We live for finding that stories of this and then digging the truth out of him because the government's not going to police the government.
Just that's not gonna happen.
You know, they don't They don't care about the little guy's got to be the big guy paying the big taxes.
You know, the little guys up, throw him in a dish.
Yeah, lawyers that are gonna do this for free because I Well, well, listen, I I have a lawyer that would be willing to help, but also, I filed lawsuits pro se by myself, So I could I I love to help walk you through it and show you what you can do.
Um, and and money with the filing system in the court. 00:17:58.320 --> 00:18:1.090 If you're indigent, if you don't have enough money, you can file for free. 00:18:1.250 --> 00:18:2.000 Okay. 00:18:2.010 --> 00:18:3.180 So it doesn't take much. 00:18:3.290 --> 00:18:6.490 And listen, just put in that lawsuit in there for free. 00:18:7.340 --> 00:18:10.630 Chances are they're just gonna turn around and give you money and not even go to court about it.
Once they realized they were so Yeah.
I mean, don't Don't ever take what they give you lying down.
You got You got our number will be down here lickety split right next to you, buddy.
Write your phone number.
I can give you a number.
All right, guys, you heard store here from this young man, and, uh, and you could see what kind of stuff we're dealing.
Sorry, guys.
I wasn't able to look at the comments while I was listening to the story.
Uh, we are live, so 190 people just heard that story.
So, guys, this is the Lee County, Florida jail, and this is the Lee County, Florida was at Lee County, Florida Sheriff.
Okay, guys. 00:18:52.940 --> 00:19:6.160 So let's contact Leak County, Florida Sheriff's and let him know that throwing our citizens into a ditch and treating them like shit just isn't gonna fly with the American public. 00:19:7.820 --> 00:19:25.790 This is, uh this is exactly the kind of stuff that I'm talking about that never gets to come out and audits because once once they see us coming, you know, with the cameras, they want to act all smiley and stuff and neck.
Like what they're doing is right, you know?
No, there's no corruption here, and there's no tyranny here until we start getting e mails and I'm getting e mails, guys.
Lots of emails from citizens from all over the state.
And they've all got horror stories like this gentleman has.
And like, this gentleman has no money, no way to redress his grievances because he doesn't understand.
The court system doesn't know how to find this paperwork.
And, uh, and he's left with nothing. 00:19:57.900 --> 00:20:0.410 So this this is the kind of help we want to give. 00:20:0.420 --> 00:20:4.740 This is the kind of help we want to provide, and we're gonna be doing a lot more of it. 00:20:4.750 --> 00:20:9.790 So I hope everybody is on board for that kind of content. 00:20:9.800 --> 00:20:13.480 And, uh, and because we need we need supporters.
This isn't something that that we could always do.
Uh uh, together, you know, for nothing.
So, um, we're still out here, and we're waiting on rights.
Crispy and news now South Florida.
They said that Robbie said that the guy hit him so hard, he pooped himself.
Man, it's, you know, it's embarrassing for a gentleman of his age to even have to admit, but, uh, you know how that goes.
Thanks, guys.
How you doing, young man?
Yeah, man.
Beautiful night, huh?
You see, I'm trying to be sneaky.
Who's that?
That officer around there?
Yeah, that's what I was walking over that way.
Toe he's wanted going in, and then he come out of that and come around and he walked this when he was on a song, talking to somebody trying to get some information or get somebody here, some backup.
Then he went on over there.
Then he went on.
Then he hung up the phone.
He stood over there for government.
And that's when you seen him.
You follow him that way.
Do you hear the story the old guy was telling us, Huh?
Hey, said he, uh, cops threw him in a ditch.
Hit him so hard.
He shit himself.
Oh, yeah, They wrap them up?
No, I tell him is this This is the kind of stuff that happens all the time.
And my brother lost a kidney from these from these cops.
That's queen.
My wedding night.
Because me and him got into a fight.
Somebody one of the neighbors called the cops.
It's like one in the morning, and he was never told.
Hold it.
Stay right there.
He's seen the cops come up the road.
He was in my in my mother's yard. 00:21:59.640 --> 00:22:0.920 He went to the backyard. 00:22:2.440 --> 00:22:4.160 He don't say so drunk. 00:22:4.380 --> 00:22:5.810 You don't take off. 00:22:5.820 --> 00:22:7.870 I don't want to deal with the next thing. 00:22:7.870 --> 00:22:10.120 You know, they yank him off the yanking so hard.
Pulled to slats on the privacy fence.
Came down with you in the cop need.
That's what he was saying.
That Jesus keeping there with an ambulance there.
The doctor told him when the doctor told the cops in the hospital, But he also had this young man here within 45 minutes.
I save this kid, but no, they sit your ass is they're doing paperwork and wear stuff.
Maybe dying in jail.
All right, buddy, we're here because we were auditing the Lee County Jail.
And, um, you know, we went inside the visitation here and I'd walk back outside.
Um, where you have two guys in there? 00:22:58.160 --> 00:23:1.690 We have rights, crispy and news. 00:23:1.690 --> 00:23:2.870 Now South Florida. 00:23:2.880 --> 00:23:4.950 Both of those gentlemen are well versed. 00:23:4.960 --> 00:23:7.640 They've gone out with me lots of times. 00:23:7.640 --> 00:23:9.900 They've seen the videos. 00:23:9.910 --> 00:23:12.670 They've they've studied the laws.
You could see news.
Now, South Florida in here right now.
Now the police is just didn't hear a little bit ago telling him he couldn't come in here.
And we see that the is gone.
And he's not South Florida is still here recording.
So obviously they to him.
They know the deal.
And, uh and, uh Hey, guys, some island.
No, I'm good out here.
You guys gotta handle.
I'm just talking to my subs.
There's some stories out here I've been getting.
They stopped resisting.
They won't stop resisting.
I love it.
Perfect county for corrupt cops, guys.
That's that's what we hear. 00:23:59.540 --> 00:24:4.260 You know, unfortunately, every county is to correct any for corrupt cops. 00:24:5.530 --> 00:24:11.270 Um, no, Chris, no one's arrested everybody today.
It's been doing good.
There was a cop that was creeping around back here.
I'm gonna go see if I could find him.
He was being sneaky, and we had another supporter over here.
Another guy with another story about how the cops had busted his brother's kidney with a knee and you know, the again, the stories, they just never end, and they won't ever end until we do something about it.
And by doing something about it, I don't mean bitching about it.
I mean getting out here, Um, if you can obviously on everybody can, uh, but getting out here and, uh, you know, seeing what we could see and, you know, hold them accountable. 00:24:58.730 --> 00:25:4.040 And when they when they do do stuff like that when you hear stories, stuff like that and then getting it to where it needs to be.
Hello, American Amy.
Good to see you.
Ask him if he's been drinking.
I love that.
He seems kind of suspicious.
Ain't walking around here late at night and dark, maybe doing drug deals.
Mike, I feel really sorry for you, but I don't know if anyone's live inside now, Chris, uh, I'm not sure that yes, we did.
I don't think any of the three guys inside her life right now you never know.
So why that way?
That that's because there's no right to privacy and public ladies.
Well, don't put that on the way without permission.
Right? 00:26:59.760 --> 00:27:0.310 Go for it. 00:27:0.390 --> 00:27:1.190 We're now. 00:27:1.190 --> 00:27:1.970 We'll go for it. 00:27:2.090 --> 00:27:5.540 Go for it from my mother. 00:27:6.840 --> 00:27:10.390 You're gonna be an asshole talking and ice dude from your mother.
Yeah, okay.
Why you videotape?
What issue?
Because public servants violates citizen's rights daily.
Okay, so we come in, right?
It's nothing new.
And you know what else is Nothing.
New citizens doing shit about it.
Just taking it in the fucking ass.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to use language.
What we do is we go when we film public servants because they violate citizen's rights.
Now is according according to this building and legally all this stuff right here that you see, this is a suggestion to us.
It's not a long when you see a sign that does not have a Florida State statute under it. 00:28:0.270 --> 00:28:1.690 That's a suggestion. 00:28:1.700 --> 00:28:2.770 That's not the law. 00:28:2.770 --> 00:28:4.990 And you do not have to follow it. 00:28:5.000 --> 00:28:10.350 Okay, But what happens is the citizens have become used just obeying whatever a copper.
Somebody in authority says, what do you have a papa?
Listen, here I've been the 370 public buildings, including prison sheriffs off City Hall's.
How many times have I been arrested twice, You know what happened?
They dropped the charges.
I'm getting 50 grand.
So what we need to do is citizens.
We need to learn the law and we need to hold our service.
Was a videotape in your e e.
I can't speak for E.
Get that.
Okay, but But I will say that Thistle's a public area.
It's funded by our tax dollars, just like City Hall in public part.
So when we are in public, we have no expectation of privacy.
It's just the way it is. 00:28:56.900 --> 00:29:5.210 Unfortunately, I guess for some people in public you can videotape me and put me on the Internet or whatever my permission. 00:29:5.790 --> 00:29:10.400 That's another myth that was not okay.
It is a myth, and I'll tell you how you can recognize that it's a okay, let's say you're at Disney with your kids, right?
And I'm busy with my kids and I'm videotaping my kids and you walk video.
Do you think I have to stop everybody at Disney that walks in front of my video camera and ask them for permission?
What I'm not being mean.
You want to be video?
Nobody's business that I'm here, What I'm doing, it's not your business.
What I do in life.
Well, unfortunately, your videotaped by the camera, they're by the camera there, so everybody knows you're while I'm talking.
That's not right.
That's right.
I'm outside, so I can't again.
You're asking me.
Okay, so but they shouldn't even be in there if they have no reason.
Way have a reason to be here. 00:30:0.440 --> 00:30:2.980 Because this is a building that we pay for. 00:30:3.100 --> 00:30:4.970 What do you What do you want with the building? 00:30:4.970 --> 00:30:5.490 What? 00:30:5.500 --> 00:30:5.940 Sure. 00:30:5.950 --> 00:30:6.050 What? 00:30:6.060 --> 00:30:8.780 You're trying to accomplish what we're talk around here. 00:30:8.790 --> 00:30:9.860 Accountability.
Accountability Of what?
Well, if I walk in there and it's my right, the videotape and walk in there and the cop comes up and says you have to leave or I'm gonna trust pass you.
You know what I did that I leave.
And then I go to the court and I put a lawsuit on him for violating my rights.
E I get So you know why we're We're just there visiting someone without bothering anyone.
I'm not telling you what to do.
Are putting no signs up.
Yeah, and I don't want to be videotaped.
That's all you're going to do.
Whatever the hell you want.
Get it?
Usually these guys will edit out people know the normal citizens.
I hope so.
But just just so you know, if we if we don't want to be videotaped, we need to stay home and pulled the blinds. 00:30:53.960 --> 00:31:1.570 Because as soon as we walk out ahead, listen, when you walk outside your house, your videotape 40 different retired organization. 00:31:1.820 --> 00:31:6.400 I'm an independent journalist, a journalist and independent journalist. 00:31:6.400 --> 00:31:8.820 Yes, I have 25,000 subscribers. 00:31:8.820 --> 00:31:11.330 I have 225 watching right now.
Here's all their comments.
I'm proud of you.
You want me to say I'm proud of you telling you?
I just don't want todo okay?
Ask you Not that you Have you seen me?
Focus on you.
You just work?
I don't know.
It was You were?
Yes, you do.
Rogue nation audits.
What is it?
Rogue nation audits.
Are you trying to accomplish our O G u E nation on it?
What are you trying to accomplish?
What I have accomplished is I've accomplished that cops now try not to violate at least my rights.
Maybe not your rights.
Because when I desert my rights and they say, Hey, this guy knows his rights, they leave me alone.
But then they'll come and find you and no harass you.
And if you write me, nobody bothers me. 00:31:59.840 --> 00:32:1.130 Well, somebody bothered somebody. 00:32:1.130 --> 00:32:5.720 You're here visiting somebody because he deserves to be there. 00:32:5.730 --> 00:32:7.820 What kind of law did he break, if you don't mind? 00:32:8.280 --> 00:32:8.760 I don't know. 00:32:8.760 --> 00:32:19.470 He drove into the drunk into, um Well, the five and dime stores that chip stores, uh, convenience stores.
Videotape me, please.
I'm asking you.
No, he's not.
I moved the doctor.
I'm trying.
I get us so nicely.
Elston, I did OK, but he didn't deserve to be here.
I don't want him in here, but he broke the law, and he deserves to think I didn't kill anyone.
Well, that's fine.
People do break the law, and they do deserve to be here.
So what are you trying to accomplish here?
You got it, Scott. 00:33:7.520 --> 00:33:19.860 I was I'm a different starting.
That's me.
All right, I'm trying.
My boy does the same thing out to really like county.
I think you're right on that time. 00:33:58.190 --> 00:34:2.440 M Braveheart is correct. 00:34:2.450 --> 00:34:4.260 South Community watch man. 00:34:5.090 --> 00:34:6.720 South Korean watchman. 00:34:6.730 --> 00:34:7.260 Yeah. 00:34:8.330 --> 00:34:8.860 Joey. 00:34:8.870 --> 00:34:13.410 Yeah, I talked to him the other day, is supposed to come out with us, but he didn't wake up this morning.
I guess you know, they were supposed to come out with us here.
Yeah, he's they charge.
Yeah, I've got almost 400 videos.
I've been all over the state, and yeah, they see us with the cameras, and they tried to put on a good act.
But, you know, we come here and we hear stories from some of the citizens.
Yeah, Yeah, that's what I said.
That's me right now in life.
I love it.
Soprano Devil man, Indiana.
What's up?
Good buddy? 00:34:57.350 --> 00:35:0.870 I get people get people from my world watching, huh? 00:35:2.340 --> 00:35:3.350 He's right there. 00:35:3.660 --> 00:35:6.150 He's talking with another citizen supporter. 00:35:6.160 --> 00:35:6.660 Yeah.
How you doing, E?
Just describe Channel two news now.
South were Yeah, I guess it's Joey.
It's, uh Joey.
Yeah, he was supposed to come out with Thanks.
Done, Bama boy.
What's up, Rainbow?
Love, what's happening?
But needed my hometown.
You got it.
But Rocket Man loves rogue nation.
Joey, we had Looks like visitation is over, right?
You know what this is?
They'll never know.
They were never prosecuted.
There, There?
No, they did not arrest.
Crispy is right here.
He's got the can go on.
He called us.
I imagine Watch commander Lieutenant came in, Got a call made a couple phone calls, walked in perfect, everything. 00:37:0.090 --> 00:37:0.730 Perfect. 00:37:0.740 --> 00:37:3.590 All right, guys, I think educated and here is done. 00:37:4.060 --> 00:37:11.730 I think it's time Thio bounce and maybe get some cop watching, going get eyes on the state over here.
Still conversing with the, uh, citizen supporter.
So enigma.
That is an enigma.
See, what I did there was pretty good, huh?
Even mudbugs Love you, Captain.
I like it.
That's right, Dave.
She feed the whales.
That's hilarious.
Everybody be easy.
Amy says thanks.
Kentucky Watcher.
West Kentucky watcher. 00:37:55.680 --> 00:38:4.710 If only I had a Twinkie, my friend E 30 checking in. 00:38:4.710 --> 00:38:5.640 What's up, man? 00:38:5.640 --> 00:38:7.770 What's up, angel? 00:38:7.770 --> 00:38:8.440 What's up? 00:38:9.430 --> 00:38:11.360 Ask them if they're committing felonies.
You know they are.
They won't.
They won't confess.
They are.
Don't ask me.
You're absolutely correct.
And you know what else is?
We were in me, huh?
The Collier County and men building today.
And, uh, an eyes on the state found some 9 88 compliant bathrooms.
Every like, helps.
Head it up.
I got about a 50% ratio there rolling with the captain.
Everybody is having a good time, Wolf.
You know where we're out? 00:38:59.960 --> 00:39:7.330 The guys and, uh, you know, seeing what we could see and stopping corruption wherever we get a chance to stop it. 00:39:8.180 --> 00:39:19.830 So, uh, well, she's gone now, But Big Mama left.
Oh, County, Florida.
In the house, You tube watcher button.
Chuck Bronson is live.
I like it.
House of Lawrence, Polk County, Iowa.
Definitely die hard if I'm missing Monday night Football.
I I like it, but I'm not much of a football watcher.
Big Mama.
The tyrant supporter.
Sounds like a Martin Lawrence movie.
Big Mama.
The Tyrant Supporter. 00:40:2.260 --> 00:40:6.290 72 times per day video recorded in the USA. 00:40:6.290 --> 00:40:12.380 I can definitely agree with those statistics 130 likes.
Keep it up, guys.
Yeah, I'm I'm work release.
Jeff says good to see you here, buddy.
Truck reminds me of Ernest from their anus films.
That's pretty funny.
All right, guys.
So it looks like we're done here in this facility.
I think we're getting ready to bounce and maybe look into, uh, seeing some seeing some, uh, cop watching going on.
Hopefully we'll see.
We'll see how it goes. 00:41:2.280 --> 00:41:8.670 So you still like people were watching 201? 00:41:8.680 --> 00:41:11.090 Holy holy sugar.
Right, guys, Lookit right tell me this guy doesn't look suspicious tonight with tango in the port of change for the same reason.
Pirates, Where I Oh, yeah.
Hey, speaking of an eyepatch I have when I wear tomorrow Rogue nation with the eye patch.
Captain Eyepatch, We're going all out crazy.
The dread pirate ordered farmer sending it to me, buddy, You know, I'm gonna look at over.
We'll go from there, man Devilment in Indiana.
More for me.
Devil man, Indiana guys that you don't know is a close personal friend of mine not to close because he does, like thio inappropriately touch. 00:41:57.200 --> 00:42:0.150 So, uh, which is cool, if that's your thing? 00:42:0.150 --> 00:42:1.250 But it's not my thing. 00:42:1.250 --> 00:42:9.250 So, you know, keep meta and yeah, he's been my best friend, I swear. 00:42:9.250 --> 00:42:12.920 Probably more than 20 years, Devil Man, in the end of my best buddy.
Uh, hey, just when I thought we were getting ready to leave See the Lee County sheriff pulling in?
These guys Look, he's definitely looks suspicious.
And there's two per car.
Oh, on Lee won in that car.
So a total of five and three units I haven't even reported Here.
Let me see these guys They're looking suspicious.
There's something going on here.
No. 00:43:8.960 --> 00:43:10.460 Everything okay tonight, guys?
All right.
Just looking suspicious.
You guys ain't doing no drug deals, are you?
I saw people in the parking lot.
Guys ain't deliver.
And are you?
You guys should stay off that blow.
This definitely looks suspicious.
This looks like a drug deal going down.
I'm gonna capture it.
I get seven gang members, five gang members surrounding rights. 00:44:1.590 --> 00:44:24.330 If someone great, there's a lawful Smith this city coming, their Boston lieutenant already come in and say What's cool?
We're lot collect 70 something has area. 00:44:55.690 --> 00:45:0.710 Oh, they want to know without having being called up. 00:45:1.190 --> 00:45:3.270 No, I mean, just go in and out. 00:45:3.530 --> 00:45:4.990 I just asked that girl what's her name? 00:45:4.990 --> 00:45:10.980 Waas Shedrick out with I I asked her how much it cost Two quick questions.
We're gonna be in and out.
Is this a non custodial interview?
You know, I just one way.
Every day we get to learn something, right?
You can walk into the public lot me hard because they break out or you guys all you want outside. 00:45:57.710 --> 00:46:2.290 That's fine facility. 00:46:2.740 --> 00:46:13.950 Therefore, the public happy automatic way inside they have to make a point boy going to do that part of it.
Oh, it's like that inside that.
That's just as long as it's like you always let me.
You've heard of the atrocities that happened inside of you one.
How did those things get discovered?
Something in Maine have to smuggle in.
It's so phone And take what was in my county.
Marion County, in sheriff's custody.
They lost.
Lost this back. 00:46:53.080 --> 00:47:4.800 They lost its here in four days here, but they had 200 missing off the books they got in Los. 00:47:6.760 --> 00:47:8.700 Have you ever heard of the does your school for boys?
You know what happened there?
You know, the trustees 40 the last 40 years.
Uh, 2011.
And they just found 29 more bodies in April of this year.
Yeah, well, it doesn't matter how long ago it is if nobody was prosecuted.
I mean, I mean, if you if you kill people 40 years ago and you're not prosecuted for it, it's still an issue office killer.
When I find him right.
You know that girl thinking?
Identify, Can you again?
What was once a brunette?
Oh, no. 00:48:2.780 --> 00:48:3.110 Sorry. 00:48:3.110 --> 00:48:3.570 guys. 00:48:3.570 --> 00:48:12.070 I touched text then, uh, I kind of took me off the screen there, but I'm back now.
They're just chit chatting over there.
May, uh, really worried about what's going on.
You seem pretty, uh, pretty lazy days gold in the back.
So I don't think they're gonna tase him.
Which sucks.
It's always nice to see a good tasting, but, uh, yeah, that's fine.
Does the Osborne died?
When did that happen?
House of Lawrence.
I know of furry potato.
Obviously, I've seen their work out in California, but I don't know them personally. 00:48:56.470 --> 00:49:0.470 South Dakota edited for content. 00:49:0.470 --> 00:49:1.540 We have rights. 00:49:1.540 --> 00:49:2.330 Crispy news. 00:49:2.330 --> 00:49:3.440 Not South Florida. 00:49:3.450 --> 00:49:5.130 Eyes on the state. 00:49:5.130 --> 00:49:7.690 Lee watch audits and of course, me.
As he died an hour ago.
Now that that's news, that is news.
Yeah, that's what they're saying, Chris.
But again, you know, again, we've already been in there, and we're pretty much pretty much done.
You know, we were just hanging out in the parking lot, talking with some people, and, uh, and so it does.
It does.
It really doesn't really matter much.
Go ahead and e mail me buddy.
Patriot discussions at gmail dot com because I am coming up the Georgia soon, buddy.
You got it, Chris.
Black Sabbath rules did e o d.
Right now, guys, I have no news to report on Ozzy Osborne. 00:50:1.310 --> 00:50:2.090 He's not dead. 00:50:2.090 --> 00:50:7.170 Wolf gladly says I didn't want Chris e mailed me. 00:50:7.170 --> 00:50:7.520 Buddy. 00:50:7.630 --> 00:50:15.540 Need as much support up in Georgia's I can get, cause I I have very few friends up there one or two.
And, uh, and I could always use support while I'm up there, man.
He's always been a health nut.
Now that is hilarious.
Ozzy Osborne back from the brink.
Metal Georgia.
Yeah, man, I definitely get up the middle.
I mean event. 00:50:38.860 --> 00:51:5.010 You know, originally, I'm gonna be in Southern Georgia because it's closed, You know, obviously I have toe get a hotel room and all that other stuff if I want to get up in the middle In northern Georgia, Tom Petty's been dead Ronnie, where we had to jail because there is a concentration of tyranny at Jails day. 00:51:5.290 --> 00:51:9.060 It's, uh I don't know, howto equated. 00:51:9.060 --> 00:51:10.410 I guess it's like what?
The with the fire ants.
You know, you're always gonna find a concentration around the ant hill.
And And what?
What we have here is an ant hill of tyranny.
So, um, don't don't step in the ant hill.
He's going to die tomorrow.
The demon Jim Morrison.
I was Jim Morrison that died.
I thought that guy just got arrested for drunk driving.
Jim Morrison?
All right, guys, I think everybody's, uh, straight here, so, uh, rates following them over there.
We've got 12345 guys, we're good.
We're good to go. 00:51:57.120 --> 00:52:9.670 And, uh, and we will, uh we will, uh, way will bounce, and hopefully we'll run across something else tonight. 00:52:9.680 --> 00:52:12.310 But if not, we have big stuff planned for tomorrow.
Like I said, that's gonna be a good day.
We're gonna have fun with it because, uh, otherwise this stuff and drive you crazy.
Um, you know, being Yeah.
So, uh, this is, uh it is now southwest South Florida's new ride.
I'm surprised I haven't seen Gary Snow show up.
I mean, usually, you know, this is his town being a being a a native northern.
Larry, you come down here a couple years ago and then he claimed for Myers as his town today.
Thanks, Nick.
Wait. 00:53:1.040 --> 00:53:5.320 I forgot what I was talking about, guys, because I'm trying to read these comments.
What's that sound?
I missed that one.
When they say you go back up, meddle in my blood.
Scientology does getting that people one.
He said Epstein did not suicide himself but you to watch her.
Thank you, man.
You know, I appreciate the support.
It lets me know that what I'm doing out here means something more than just myself and a couple of guys.
I've been able to scrounge up to do this work in Florida.
I'm sure as you guys know, there wasn't a lot of odd mean going on here in Florida when I first picked up the camera.
Um, we had a constitutional corner who's done a great job for years, but she had kind of slowed down when I was picking up the, uh when I was picking up Look, Camera and Jeff Gray, who had had slowed down for a little bit as well.
Um, and at the time, that was it.
Here, Big Nick me and eat more rub.
We all started pretty much pride around the same time.
And, uh, it's been us three at the beginning that was hitting it hard.
And then we got rights.
Crispy news.
Now, South Florida government accountability.
We got a couple of the guys in there doing it and trying to work it.
And and I appreciate it.
I appreciate them because this is time consuming, uh, driving all over this state.
I'm gonna be honest here.
I picked up my truck in July putting 15,000 miles on my truck since July.
That's five months.
So I do put a lot of miles in.
I do put a lot of time in that That would be better used with my, uh, you know, with my family or just doing stuff that I would like.
But, you know, what I like to do I need to do are two different things.
And this is something that I need to do.
It's something that needs to be done, and it can be done by the people.
I feel that, uh, that are interested in, and you can do it.
Um, fitness.
Uh, give me rights.
Crispy is still over there.
Hob knobbing with the cop.
And these guys want Mac over there, but I think I'm done and uh, I'm gonna sign off, and I hear some cop sirens over there.
Maybe we'll hit that up and see what that that's about, Guys, so keep an eye out. 00:55:55.840 --> 00:56:2.610 We should be able to get another interaction or two tonight, Hopefully, and, uh, and we'll see what we got. 00:56:2.820 --> 00:56:3.360 All right. 00:56:3.660 --> 00:56:4.610 Thanks for watching, guys. 00:56:4.610 --> 00:56:5.660 Thanks for the support. 00:56:6.040 --> 00:56:8.920 And, uh and you know, you'll be seeing me around. 00:56:9.030 --> 00:56:9.760 Definitely.
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Lee County Jail

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 11, 2020
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