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  • now is me tomorrow, sister opportunity to impact the game.

  • It's a great ball in a good safe from robot to do nine made.

  • But the follow up is it that even dog back in just about cats that finds Alba you sick in searching Greenwood.

  • I'm finding it green, but he's looking for options.

  • He has them arriving now, including Matthews, who strike since yours.

  • It's a wonderful girl.

  • Picked spots beyond Blair on the 10 minute arsenal are backing Frontier against Norwich.

  • Here, you'll need a mount waiting in the middle, not across the way.

  • She's been involved in the first top in our meeting that gets a chance on schools ago.

  • Sacha, Lovely square ball provider, becomes goal scorer for less than three minutes after are still going front.

  • Nikola strikes double blow for Newcastle Double delight.

  • Gonna sausage to Newcastle nil.

  • No need to take any chances at this late stage.

  • Lessening.

  • Keep ball here from the gunners.

  • Look at the space ahead of measures.

  • Oh, is that options as well?

  • One of them is.

  • Get on this left foot.

  • You might not need to lack of turns.

  • Really Quick move ends in a goal on a first goal in 10 months for metatarsal to make it Arsenal.

  • Three.

  • Newcastle Nil phobia.

  • Morally, maybe eight on early chance for the Gunners to come forward.

  • Fuller Impala.

  • Event it.

  • That's a brilliant goal court in the wind, but it's a perfect start for the Gunners.

  • Socratic.

  • That's a swathe.

  • Every stadium goes ballistic, you go back to.

  • It has been given away cheaply by the city.

  • Keep trying Way.

  • Needed one invitation that one good opportunity passed.

  • No, it's Pitino, John over it like it will be cursed.

  • And it's brilliant.

  • Nothing that Reese could do about it, that one into the corner and ask taking an early lead here on the South Coast.

  • Looks like guys that did it.

  • It looks like I said they did it.

now is me tomorrow, sister opportunity to impact the game.

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