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  • Okay.

  • Hey, this is Ryan Willis.

  • We're here in Sullivan County right now.

  • Where?

  • Behind me.

  • You can see a memorial has been set up for Evelyn Boswell.

  • The 15 month old girl who was last seen back in December wasn't reported until February.

  • And this memorial is being set up just a very short distance.

  • Away from where?

  • Authorities said they found some remains last night.

  • Yesterday.

  • Um, and an autopsy is not yet performer.

  • Not exactly sure when the result will be on that, but we're already here.

  • You can see people are starting to set up flowers and stuffed animals, too.

  • Remember people from all over becoming vice throughout the day, just dropping things off that right there, move a little bit closer here.

  • And I mentioned people are coming from all over.

  • There's a poster board here that people have signed Kelsey Marie Love from Florida.

  • Uh, somebody assigned here from UK, Canada, Texas Oliver and we were here earlier this morning, and it's incredible to see how much is been dropped off here.

  • All the people that come by you. 00:06:51.640 --> 00:07:4.270 So for those of you who are just joining it here insulting county, there's been a memorial set up over here for Evelyn Boswell, 15 month old toddler who reported Excuse me missing in February, last seen in December. 00:07:4.280 --> 00:07:12.650 Authorities say Memorial set up just a short distance away from where authorities say body was found yesterday.

  • Nothing firm yet through an autopsy, Whether or not is Evelyn.

  • The people are coming out here today.

  • I remember her and drop off all kinds of items.

  • You've seen stuffed animals, flowers, obviously a lot of balloons, wind chimes, people coming from from all over.

  • There's a support sign over there.

  • Maybe somebody else saw that whenever I zoomed in on it.

  • With people signing from all over the country beyond the country, Canada signed it from Canada, the UK It's all Florida Texas.

  • So people coming out throughout the day, I think we drove by here earlier on this morning have been violent fits really here in the last little bit, a lot of people have been coming by and dropping off these items, just kind of just standing around and taking it all in big groups of people here sounds like a constant flow in and out cars leaving cars coming in.

  • All right, but you're just joining us here on the live stream and you see people are still dropping off.

  • Items here for ever starts amazing with Big Butterfly Bolin to teddy bears prescribed in a couple minutes Really emotional day out here.

  • For a lot of people, really, for everyone and those people who were here with their own Children, it's It's really emotional for every for everybody that's involved.

  • But those people, especially that have come with their kids.

  • For the kids who have been keeping up with it. 00:16:55.040 --> 00:17:2.560 We thought one Paris that her Children have been following along with story and heartbroken, just like everybody else. 00:17:3.140 --> 00:17:9.580 People are coming by here through throughout the day, dropping off everything from stuffed animals, flowers and balloons.

  • So I mentioned earlier on a live stream. 00:22:51.250 --> 00:23:1.070 There's been a lot of people who have come here today, and I've just been, you know, it's just standing around in silence and taken in everything that's happening here with people dropping things off. 00:23:1.080 --> 00:23:7.890 I know we've been a little sign on the Lifestream to give you the opportunity to sort of take it in here, and but we're about to wrap things up here. 00:23:7.890 --> 00:23:10.760 We want to give you a recap of sort of everything that we know right now.

  • Um uh, this is a memorial.

  • It's been set up for Evelyn Boswell, 15 month old toddler who went missing.

  • I think she was last seen in December at some point was reported missing in February and yesterday.

  • Authorities said that they found some remains that they believe are Evelyn's.

  • And we're standing very close to where that body was found.

  • So this memorial's been set up here.

  • People have been stopping by through throughout the day, dropping things off.

  • We also saw to write the beginning of the live stream of you were on early on, we saw to Sullivan County sheriff Vehicles go up here to the top of the hill.

  • They have not gone down.

  • You're not sure exactly why they're here. 00:23:56.890 --> 00:24:1.720 But thing comes out of a bet or anything else happened today. 00:24:1.720 --> 00:24:8.600 You can keep up with everything at Knox news dot com or in the Knox News app, or will be providing the latest news as it happens. 00:24:8.600 --> 00:24:14.130 But for right now, we're wrapping things up here at the memorial here in Sullivan County Way.

  • Appreciate you watching.


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Watch live: Memorial being held for Evelyn Boswell

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