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  • Yeah, man.

  • It's long Camp Three proponents.

  • Doesn't matter between the same for everybody.

  • We trained hard the whole time.

  • Just generalized work.

  • I mean, game plan.

  • That's all it is.

  • You know, short notice fights that happens in the sport.

  • But fuck it.

  • Trying to get paid tranquil, like, two checks. 00:00:57.750 --> 00:01:4.040 Hopefully it there with that bonus, we're always training and rolling with a bunch of different bodies at headquarters. 00:01:6.740 --> 00:01:7.220 That's ready. 00:01:7.220 --> 00:01:7.640 Bravo. 00:01:7.640 --> 00:01:13.110 So, switchable opponent that it doesn't It doesn't really matter once it hits the ground.

  • We've seen all kinds of different styles, you know?

  • So we're ready for most every reaction, your offense or defense ready to go.

  • You know, anatomy of a fighter.

  • Did you check that shit out?

  • How you doing?

  • Get the How are you?

  • Good.

  • Oh, here we go.

  • Mike.

  • I owe, you know?

  • Yeah, I feel good, man.

  • Good to be here fighting in Vegas.

  • Uh, trying to get that one back from last year.

  • You know what I mean?

  • Panty Pettus lost my last fight.

  • It lightweight, So I'm trying to get it back here.

  • It's like my adopted home.

  • You know what I mean?

  • I love fighting Vegas. 00:01:50.950 --> 00:02:6.790 So pretty good man Socks over at this point, I've accepted it and it's over way Airbnb trained Park looked out. 00:02:6.800 --> 00:02:7.550 So, like what? 00:02:7.560 --> 00:02:9.670 Come, we're gonna check this out. 00:02:9.680 --> 00:02:10.760 We're gonna go to the fight.

  • But manager, text me say, Hey, USC is not getting tickets.

  • You're suspended.

  • So we're gonna go the fights.

  • But now I guess I can't.

  • So I might go down on the strip trying make marks way like that.

  • Cold point.

  • It's a robbery.

  • What Make America Great game.

  • I was upset. 00:02:59.990 --> 00:03:6.050 I was like, Fuck you guys have been fighting a lot about the minority using really? 00:03:6.710 --> 00:03:7.880 I will radio. 00:03:7.880 --> 00:03:9.840 But it wasn't from others market. 00:03:9.840 --> 00:03:10.640 So it's pretty healthy.

  • So it wasn't nothing biting there.

  • So I give me made on I use every day.

  • That's a year's green use motherfuckers.

  • I feel like I'm fucking small rate being a small town.

  • Like gave you my family everything because of that way from your respective way. 00:03:50.850 --> 00:04:8.350 I wait.

  • Wait a camera.

Yeah, man.

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