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  • They went up in part because the moderately avocado, you know, eat up about the lease.

  • Our interpreters and they got nobody notices When I said Carly asked Forget Macoco.

  • SPM chicas champagne.

  • Go to your local auto capture data inventor Mr in the opposite side of the house.

  • And put a leaner They want the hard Sharknado.

  • Do you ever get together?

  • The heart got into the hot.

  • No way! 00:01:1.140 --> 00:01:4.420 Are you so sure that at the moment, but then pushes us on the drug war. 00:01:5.310 --> 00:01:24.710 Sarah with the Rajendra started the tea.

  • He's got a lot to do.

  • I'm a total full astern of Europe daily recommended there.

  • No help.

  • Thank you.

  • No, that my car is in the hospital.

  • And then I'm just gonna go tomorrow and sort out some of the harpy up uncut.

  • I do Production co star Venus sank a doctor There has to be contained.

  • The core density apa kata.

  • So the guard of elastic.

  • Hey, Karnak apa kata Somebody's idea. 00:04:1.630 --> 00:04:5.480 You know, tomorrow morning a prayer. 00:04:5.640 --> 00:04:8.240 Marty sender believe tomorrow. 00:04:8.500 --> 00:04:9.900 You know about it, Burke. 00:04:9.900 --> 00:04:10.420 Tight on time.

  • We know no karma.

  • Li Mu Jin Apparent Mart.

  • I drew, you know, Makihara, get promoted ahead of the contract.

  • You know.

  • Tamara, Vandal Bretodeau.

  • Another muster.

  • Lucky hoagie or passport?

  • I drew from Okavango, Eric.

  • 00 They know there must elect Romantica.

  • They were through Chiapas border, winter underbelly even do it again in a mattress tomorrow, Children, they'll do is to marry gay.

  • I do in clinical, but Dallas get Billy would go aggro on target, man.

  • Good name on Rivera.

  • Vandalism.

  • Todd, moving up, cryonic Really hot Donna when they put on the door.

  • And I want to do good idea there, Doctor. 00:04:51.470 --> 00:05:0.730 Maggie already know there are still a ballerina, you know, about under the big blue in under there. 00:05:0.870 --> 00:05:2.740 You know, abrasive on Taliban anta. 00:05:2.740 --> 00:05:10.710 How you know where you are in the outer being learning the group together east under Delinda Doing what you do in a reserve on it.

  • And they do a very good thank you for you.

  • And internally.

  • You know, Vera Wang opposite Like it.

  • They can hardly there.

  • But now move again tomorrow.

  • More than I got less.

  • I wanna be that air, Billy.

  • You know you want to get dinner then Doesn't really have to deny something up with you and under the least are gonna take care how you do.

  • *** had moved in with Tom Warren.

  • Tina tickets giving Luna hospital records like their godless idea, you know, to be a good second album.

  • Secrets nor Oh, sorry.

  • Danica Patrick Bateman.

  • Oh, no.

  • You gotta hold it together, Akin.

  • Terribly.

  • The IGP I get to conduct a Russian road would also like a bit in it.

  • Out of the game. 00:05:48.930 --> 00:06:0.550 You know, you got a local car dealer, got neighbors, you know, stood then he conundrums to go back today. 00:06:0.550 --> 00:06:0.930 So can you. 00:06:1.750 --> 00:06:2.810 Nevada, Gautam.

They went up in part because the moderately avocado, you know, eat up about the lease.

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Tumkur Car Accident: Death Toll Reaches 13

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/10
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