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(cheerful music)
(baby giggling)
>>Fonda Mitchell, MD OB/GYN - This time that you're gonna spend with this newborn
at home is going to be a unique experience.
There are gonna be times where they'll be just you
and the baby bonding, getting to know each other.
Family support can also be very helpful.
I think it will vary from person to person,
depending on what your needs are
during this new time of your life.
>>Rachel Walker, MD OB/GYN - After that delivery, some women prefer to go home
with just them, their partner, and their new baby
to spend some quality time bonding together as a family.
>>Meredith, 28 Weeks Pregnant - When the baby first arrives, we'd like
those first couple days just to be the three of us
so that we learn what that type of family is all about.
>>Chrisitie, Second Time Mom - It was really great to come home together as a family.
We felt really well-prepared after leaving the hospital.
It was just really great to be able to bring her home
to her big sister and to be able to kind of
bond there at home as a family.
>>Rachel Walker, MD OB/GYN - Others prefer to have family members around
to help them out in this beginning stage.
>>Amanda, Second Time Mom - We have a ton of family, but we also have a ton
of friends that are like family around.
And we could just pick up the phone
and call anybody, 'cause you know,
you're gonna have ups and downs
when you come home with a newborn,
and just to know that we have people around
that can help is amazing.
>>Kevin Overback, MD OB/GYN - That help can be anything from grocery shopping
to bringing meals to folding laundry
to helping you straighten up the house.
>>Rachel Walker, MD OB/GYN - Once you return home, there's no right or wrong answer.
Whatever works for you and your family is what's best.
Maybe that's just you and your partner and the baby bonding,
or perhaps that's additional family members around
to help you out.
>>Kevin Overback, MD OB/GYN - You will figure it out and you will do great.
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Taking Care of New Baby | Kaiser Permanente

30 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on March 10, 2020
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