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Oh hello. I didn't see you there
My name's Edgar Ashman and I'm what they call the third gardener here at Audley End House
It's a very good position for someone of my age and I'm really proud to be working here
But I've got a lot to learn, especially if I'm going to make it as head gardener
The head gardener here at Audley End, Mr Vert, insists that I take notes throughout the day for future reference
My diary is also useful for keeping a note of the weather and assessing how different crops respond to the conditions
It also allows for me to compare other gardens I've worked at to Audley End
It also means that if Mr Vert asks me a question
I'll have an answer for him
Well I'd better get a move on
Mrs Crocombe the cook has asked for some Golden Noble apples for one of her recipes
She's a wonderfully talented cook - everyone thinks so
You should smell her cooking
It's making me hungry just thinking about it
Apples are the staple of any kitchen garden nowadays
and here at Audley End we grow over 150 types of apple
and across the country 2000 types are grown
Competition between gardeners is fierce
Mr Vert is very particular about his apples
Like most things in the garden, he's always striving for perfection
and I don't want to let him down
Today we're going to harvest our Golden Noble apples which are perfect for cooking
Golden Noble sounds like a very regal name doesn't it
They produce large fruits with a sharp fruity flavor and plenty of juice
They've been grown in this country since around 1820
Oh look! Here comes Mr Vert now
Good morning Edgar
How are the apples looking?
Very good, Sir
So your harvesting apples yourself today
First time in these gardens isn't it?
Yes, Sir
Right then Edgar
Can you tell me what is the very first thing you need to keep in mind before harvesting apples?
I need to assess whether the trees on the bushes
are ready for picking
Quite right and how do you do that?
We assess a small number of fruits for their ripeness
I've read up about these apples and they should be ready
They're not an early like a Worcester Pearmain or a Beauty of Bath
But what happens in the books and what happens in the garden are two
very different things
There's a few windfalls here so that's a good sign
And what do we do with the windfalls?
Don't leave them for the wasps, Sir
If they're edible but slightly bruised then they go in for the bothy dinner
If they're too far gone then we give them to the pigs
Very good. Now back to the apples on the tree
I'm going to twist it gently with an upwards motion to see if
it comes off easy if there's any resistance then I know it's not ready
and we don't want any blemishes either
Not unless we know they're going for the servants' pies
Good lad. Remember to pick them at the right time too so we get the
best flavour and the longest storage life check and check again for the ones we're
storing even the slightest bruise can make it rot
And don't forget to take a basket of apples to Mrs Crocombe today
Yes, Sir
I hear she's making gateau de pomme
Gateau de pomme?
Sounds fancy!
I think it's like an apple marmalade or a fruit cheese
I'm just going to take a look at these apples and see what we've got
These are suitably ready
I'll leave it to it now then, Edgar, and go and check on the glass houses
Yes, Sir
Don't take too long
you know Mrs Crocombe doesn't like to be kept waiting
I need to make sure I do a really good job at this because as you heard this is
the first time I've harvested the apples here by myself
and Mr Vert will be keeping a close eye on me to make sure I do a good job
All I need to harvest the apples are my hands and a trug
The apple should come away from the plant
from the spur like this one here
it should come away nice and easy
with the stalk still intact
Another good indicator that the apple is ready for harvest
is when it takes on a brighter colour
and when the pips turn from white to brown
You have to handle them gently because bruised fruit won't keep
and Mrs Crocombe and Mr Vert won't be very happy with me
they'll have my guts for garters!
Now I don't want to harvest all of these apples at once I have to
make sure that they're all ready
For example, some apples will become riper
quicker than others, especially if the sun is shining on them
Now I have to keep a close eye on all of the apples to make sure that we don't have brown rot
which is a fungal disease. But everything seems to look good so I'm going to carry
on because I'm sure Mrs Crocombe is anxious to get her apples
It's a constant battle between the gardeners and the cooks
It was like my last house where the head gardener wanted all of the fruits and vegetables to be huge so
they could win prizes at the fair and the cook she wanted everything to be
delicate on the table and full of flavor
It was like a war over the kitchen garden wall!
Have you finished yet? Mrs Crocombe needs the apples
I've got a few trucks, Sir
Good lad. The others can go into storage and should keep through the autumn
You'll need to clean up out here too but first
go to the kitchens and give Mrs Crocombe the apples
And act sharpish, she's not best pleased
Yes, Sir
There you are!
I was beginning to think I was going to have to grow the apples myself!
Mrs Crocombe, they're here
Ah! Finally!
Let me have a look
I picked them myself, Mrs Crocombe
There won't be a bruise on them
Gardens finest
Hmmm good they'll be perfect for my gateau de pomme
I hope there's plenty more in storage I plan to make a dish that requires whole
apples and for that one we need all the apples to be the same size
Of course, Mrs Crocombe
I must be leaving, Mr Vert's expecting me
I must get on
Good day to you
Good day Mrs Crocombe
As Mrs Crocome and Mr Vert asked, I put a selection of apples into storage to
preserve them and keep them cool
and now I'm cleaning up
When we do store the apples, we use a larder or we use one of our garden sheds
So long as it's cool, dark, humid and ventilated we should be fine
Anyway it looks like it's starting to rain
so I'm going to make a quick note of all of the things that we've
done today in the garden and then I'm going to call it a day
Now, if there's a specific gardening method you'd like me to show you
why not write me a note below and perhaps Mr Vert will let me teach you next time now
I'm sure I'm going to see you again soon, but in the meantime I think you'll agree
there's more to apple harvesting than you may have thought
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How to Harvest Apples - The Victorian Way

16 Folder Collection
ally.chang published on March 10, 2020
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