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Oh, good morning!
I’ve just got back from seeing Lady Braybrooke.
She organises many charitable initiatives, from blankets for the needy to the collection of old toys and such items
for new mothers with children.
Today, she’s asked me to make a hearty soup for the poor of the parish. It needs to be tasty and filling.
For this recipe you will need:
Yellow split peas
Some mint
And to season, salt
and pepper.
My yellow split peas have been soaking overnight,
and Mary-Anne has already chopped my onions and carrots.
So all that’s left to do is to chop my celery and my bacon.
Any uneaten food – if there is any – is given to feed the poor as alms at the gate.
But when it is particularly cold like now then we ought to do a little more,
and this soup will help with that.
First, I’m going to fry the bacon in butter.
And then I’m going to add my vegetables.
And finally the stock.
This recipe is from Alexis Soyer – he’s one of my heroes.
He had experience establishing recipes for the poor, and for the soldiers in the Crimea.
He built soup kitchens in Ireland during the Great Potato Famine.
This soup needs just under an hour simmering to allow the peas to split.
Just because one is poor, doesn’t mean that food should be bad.
I like to season my soups very well.
And I’m going to add a little mint to lift the flavour.
This will help keep it warm as it gets taken to the gate.
Ah, look. Some of Sylvia’s bread.
There we are – soup for the poor.
Come on, we haven’t got all day!
We must always remember there are no guarantees in life.
I have my savings but I too one day will grow old,
and will be grateful for soup like that.
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How to Make Soup for the Poor – The Victorian Way

61 Folder Collection
ally.chang published on March 10, 2020
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