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Today I'm making a simple marmalade water ice. Once the Braybrookes and their
guests have eaten their savory and sweet courses, and then perhaps cheese, they
need something to cleanse their palate.
Fruit is always served but here at Audley End House
we also like to serve at least one water ice.
For this recipe you will need:
The juice of a small lemon
and candied peel.
First I need to make the mix. You can use any jam or marmalade.
It's really simple and ideal if you're in a bit of a rush. To a pint of boiling water, add about a cup
full of marmalade.
Then some lemon juice
and give it a good stir.
Let it cool and then chill it.
I'm going to freeze my mixture in my Sorbetière. I've already put in a layer of
ice and sprinkled it with salt and now I'm going to pack ice all around the outside
sprinkling with salt as I go.
There. Enough ice, just a little more salt. The salt helps reduce the temperature of
the ice, and now that my mix is cool enough
I can pour it in.
The secret to a good water ice is to keep it moving, so I've given it a good stir there.
I'll put the lid on
and then turn the sorbetière just two or three times. You don't have to do this continuously, just fairly regularly.
So I'll be back in about ten minutes.
As you can see my mix is starting to freeze, so I'm going to give it a good stir.
I use the ice like this to make water ice, cream ice (ice cream) and
sorbets, which are water ice but with alcohol.
I read in the newspaper that the Queen has been sent
frozen meat from Australia. Well that must be nearly a hundred days at sea!
The wonders of a very large ice box.
I'll leave that for a bit longer.
Now that it's frozen I shall put it in a mold.
Hmm. I think this one.
I need to make sure it gets all the way down to the bottom.
You can buy ices on the street from Italian street sellers - they're called penny licks.
You get them in a little glass and then you lick it out and hand it back.
Not very hygienic.
And I dread to think where the water ice is made.
Now, I shall take it to my icebox and let it freeze.
Now that your water ice is frozen, you can decorate it. I'm going to use candied
peel and fresh lemons.
And there you are - marmalade water ice.
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How to Make Marmalade Water Ice - The Victorian Way

13 Folder Collection
ally.chang published on March 10, 2020
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