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  • sedation, you sport, you catch now Booty Tallow comma.

  • So, Master Shake Gamma John.

  • Aha!

  • Toro suffered granting magic shit got crazy.

  • And a program General Moody's and Camera Korea must be gone and so was any career.

  • I don't give my kidney Billings Dr.

  • Center based Center T ho.

  • What do we got?

  • Much turning in any summer.

  • 600 Hamas cell about choco school killer robots with the six that go, Grandma Bonnie, Bonnie Corn Kettle corn.

  • Keep thinking about that.

  • Got it?

  • Could be about my kid.

  • But Lieutenant Kitty, Kitty, make him lose it.

  • Honey, the t o way Obama.

  • We owe you.

  • You are?

  • Yeah, I got it.

  • I think I need some kind of looks like I got a marriage or they're gonna get me that they wouldn't get loose.

  • Talk open Taiwan toe.

  • I know that look todo about backing Carpal tunnel.

  • No clarity.

  • I got my booth.

  • Okay.

  • With the way we owe the thing looks Anyone who goes there but the key to victory in the kitchen and dining in the kitchen.

  • It's what Mom?

  • Mom, what are you about?

  • Us?

  • About you though.

  • You're quick about Malik, and I'm not just a high melodic kind.

  • Kind of like the jumper look, OK.

  • Goddamnit, Kitty, Mom T o rama.

  • You might take away your dignity.

  • Nobody's here.

  • Have a beer or something.

  • Wait, Come back.

  • Premium cup.

  • I take a Kim.

  • People go in a community on a remodel of Bequia.

  • Joanna, you see time at a caravan?

  • He said, meet up on any.

  • So we're gonna get you a new Bonnie manner.

  • Murderers for Italy?

  • Yeah, because they visit a magnet card.

  • You can look it up.

  • Sunday's news soon Rasa catch.

sedation, you sport, you catch now Booty Tallow comma.

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Gujarat Yatra : Sandesh News Reached in Bhuj Taluka of Kutch ॥ Sandesh News TV

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