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When you hear the word Epcot, this is probably the image that immediately comes to mind.
With its clever design.
Spaceship Earth is one of the most iconic centerpieces of any theme park. Epcot opens on October 1, 1982, as Epcot Center.
The Epcot acronym stands for experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.
When Walt came up with the idea for the Florida project, his plan for Epcot was originally designed to be a real city that would expand on new ideas of urban living revolving around technology and the future.
It was called Progress City, and part of the model can actually be found on the people mover at Magic Kingdom.
It's definitely an interesting concept of a futuristic city, but obviously this exact idea never came to fruition.
But Epcot did, and it's loosely based on this concept, keeping with the ideas of technology and the future Disney developed what's essentially a permanent world's fair building, Epcot Center on 305 acres of land, where it's now currently the second largest theme park in Florida.
The park is split into two sections.
Future, World, and World showcase.
We already have a full video about the head and secrets of world showcase.
So, as the title suggests, today is all about future world.
Although Epcot has seen many changes since opening, and even to this day is continuing to evolve, it's still a very unique theme park.
So today we'll be taking a look at the park's history and counting down the top 10 secrets and facts of Epcot.
Future World. Number 10 Geodesic Like we mentioned earlier, Spaceship Earth is probably one of the most iconic centerpieces in a theme park, coming in at 165 feet wide, 180 feet tall, and about £15.5 million.
But what exactly is it?
You may have heard it being referred to as a giant golf ball or just the Epcot ball, but its proper title is a geodesic sphere.
Actually, it's the largest freestanding spear in the world. Now what exactly makes it a geodesic sphere?
Well, it's because it utilizes triangular pieces that help distribute the structural stress.
This allows the sphere to support very heavy loads, like the spaceship Earth attraction inside.
But we're just talking about the inside sphere.
Spaceship Earth is actually a sphere within a sphere that has an inner layer and an outer layer.
Now this design was actually inspired by the Montreal Biosphere, which was formerly the American Pavilion at Expo 67 in Montreal.
Imagineers love the design and commission the same company to build Spaceship Earth.
Also supporting the sphere are six legs that air drilled about 100 and 20 feet into the ground, which is more than half the height of spaceship Earth.
So this structure isn't going anywhere.
Number nine Secret Codes.
One thing Disney likes to do is pay tribute to important dates of the theme parks and attractions through secret numerical codes in the land pavilions living with the land attraction.
As you approach the American prairie scene, you'll find one of these codes.
The scene is filled with animatronics that usually catch your eye, but pay special attention to the mailbox on the left hand side.
Next time you ride, it reads be Jones R F D Number 82 the 82 Represents 1982 which is the year Epcot opened.
Also at Soren just next door, there's another new miracle tribute.
You may have heard your flight number referenced as Soren Airlines. Soren at Epcot opened on May 5, 2005.
So the 1st 5 Represents May, which is the fifth month.
The 2nd 5 represents the fifth day, and the 05 represents the year 2005.
So next time there's a random numbered code in a Disney park, it probably has a lot more meaning than you think.
Number eight.
A record setter.
The Seas With Nemo and Friends originally opened as the Seas Pavilion in 1986 and when it was built, it held the record for being the largest saltwater aquarium in the world.
This aquarium holds a lot of water.
5.7 million gallons, to be exact.
It's 200 feet wide and 27 feet deep.
To give you a bit more perspective on the size Spaceship Earth would be able to fit inside the aquarium, leaving 35 feet to spare.
So yeah, it's pretty big.
It's also accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and is currently home to over 8000 sea creatures.
In 2005, the Georgia Aquarium built an even larger saltwater tank, and more recently, larger aquariums have been built overseas.
So now Epcot is currently home to the second largest aquarium in America and sixth largest aquarium in the world.
Number seven.
Very draining.
Staying on the topic of Water Have you ever noticed that when it rains at Epcot, the area under Spaceship Earth stays completely dry?
Well, that's because a sophisticated drainage system was built into the sphere.
We mentioned earlier that spaceship earth is a sphere within a sphere, so the outside layer is a completely separate structure from the inside layer.
There's actually a two foot gap between the inner and outer shells, and each of the 954 aluminum triangles are just for aesthetic purposes only.
There's a one inch gap between the triangular pieces, and this acts as a drainage system.
When it rains, the water falls into these cracks, runs through a gutter in the structure, travels down a drain through the legs of the sphere, eventually making its way into world showcase lagoon.
So if you want to stay dry, just make sure you find a spot under Spaceship Earth. Number six underground tunnels.
So Magic Kingdom is known for its elaborate underground tunnel system.
But did you know that Epcot also has underground tunnels?
They're nowhere near as extensive as magic kingdoms, but they definitely exist.
Epcot's tunnels run in a U shape under the old Interventions West building across Spaceship Earth all the way through Interventions East, where it also connects to the backstage area of the universe of Energy Pavilion.
This series of tunnels only runs about 700 feet, and it's primarily used for deliveries to the restaurants and the shops and future world.
Since these buildings are located in the middle of the park, they have no direct access to backstage areas like the rest of the buildings.
So the tunnel system was built solely for this purpose.
Number five.
The fastest.
If you watched our top 10 fastest rides at Walt Disney World Video, you probably know that test track is the fastest ride at Walt Disney World.
It reaches top speeds of 65 miles per hour.
But the speedometer that appears near the end of the ride doesn't actually track the current speed of the vehicle.
There's many factors like weight and wind that could affect the speed, so it's essentially just a prop.
And these aren't your typical cars, either.
This kind of attraction is known as a slot car ride for the right vehicle is controlled by mechanism below the track.
Each of the vehicles actually has 22 wheels.
There's the four main ones you can physically see.
Then, beneath the car, there's 18 more small wheels that locked right onto the track.
Number four abandoned an extinct at Epcot.
You may have found yourself walking right by some remnants of a couple extinct and abandoned attractions in the Imagination Pavilion as you head to the exit in Imageworks.
You'll notice there's a platform you stepped down from, and this is actually the edge of the turntable from the original journey into imagination ride, and if you look above you can see the circular outline as well.
The pavilion also has a second floor, which used to be home to the original image works. That's where this iconic picture of Michael Jackson was taken. During the refurb in 1999, it closed and was left abandoned for the longest time.
As of recently, it's now been turned into a DVC member lounge.
So when you walked towards the exit doors, that's an
upstairs on the left hand side leads to what used to be another attraction.
Number three fiber optics.
When the sun sets and day turns to night, Epcot is even more beautiful.
Spaceship Earth sports a purple hue, the buildings are illuminated and even the concrete lights up.
Fiber optic strands in the concrete tiles light up, creating different lighting patterns as guests walked by.
These are the fiber optic lights you're probably used to seeing.
But if you venture behind spaceship earth, you'll find these.
They're more intricate designs in larger sections of concrete, and they also change colors.
They definitely give off a futuristic feel, fully supporting the whole idea of future world. Number two talking trash.
What if we told you there's still a talking trash can at Disney. Now we aren't talking about push the talking trashcan since he was removed from the parks in 2014, but at the electric umbrella restaurant and EP Kite there still a talking trashcan.
It's not interactive like push by any means, but when he pushed the late and throw trash into it, the trashcan will speak a variety of pre recorded lines.
Now, if you're ever confused on which trashcan is the talking trashcan, just take a look to see which ones plugged into an electrical outlet.
Number one presidential space.
Did you know that some of the president's from the Hall of Presidents attraction can be found on Spaceship Earth?
Well, creating the face molds for animatronics are very costly, so Imagineers try to eliminate the costs as much as possible and reuse the molds within their attractions.
Spaceship Earth has quite a few familiar faces that you've probably never noticed.
The Egyptian priest and the Roman senator is actually Teddy Roosevelt.
The writing monk is John Adams.
The lute player in the Renaissance scene is Dwight Eisenhower, and the scholars sitting on the ground is Franklin Pierce.
So with some different wigs and costumes, these well known faces get transformed into brand new characters.
So what's your favorite thing about Epcot?
And if you were only able to go on one ride in future world.
Which one would you choose?
Leave a comment down below and start a conversation.
If you have any videos from the Disney Park, so you'd like to share with us to be used in future videos, follow the link in the description below.
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Top 10 BEST Secrets of EPCOT's Future World! -Epcot History

14 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 10, 2020
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