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It's Hey, welcome to preview that, J Wait, I'm sorry.
I thought you were done with it.
Hey, Peaches, go!
Welcome to three.
Looking for you that J j Today we're going to react Review riffing at the end, we're going to rate the brand new trailer for Castle Vania.
Season three Yeah, I'm so glad this is happening.
I wasn't sure if it was gonna happen.
Yeah, Season two is absolutely Nandor boats Really violent.
It's her raysy violence.
It's a vampire show.
It should be.
It's a they're scary.
I mean, people are losing heads.
Limbs like people just like lifting up decapitated bodies and just like dark drain with the blood from the neck hole like it's cool.
Is the island's super violent?
Also, when we did the reaction, can someone please just make it?
Give Adams go?
I just need that in my life.
I traded the blood from a headless corpse.
That's, uh, when we did the reaction for a season two's trailer, uh, the voice actress for um, Zifa.
I would say that seafoam the main, the main female lead.
Who's the magic slinger who's doing all the cool magic stuff?
Oh yeah, she isa an awesome She's the best character on the show with her voice.
Actress Alexandra Reno So watched our dinner reaction off our reaction waitress in that trailer.
Yeah, dude, October So, metal man, she was very nice.
She sent to the light.
I did.
She She's a She's awesome.
B if you're watching this one.
Thank you very much for watching our stuff.
You're great.
You're great.
Very talented.
You have the best character on the show.
Yeah, because spell singers are always better than the two just guys whip see sores around.
So we live in an actual game.
Place has a magic is problematic, but show Wake Absolutely.
What color eso Let's check out the I did the thing.
Are we going?
We're gonna see the checkout Season three trailer.
It's coming up, but having the numbers Adam.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I'm the one messing up.
J How are we even sure the numbers.
So sorry.
Jumping numbers 2020.
And I will explain the from the depths strategy Guide of Castle Vania into the last last night how to defeat the Adam vampire at the end of that camp.
Oh, yeah, There's a secret strategy in the game to defeating Adam Adams.
Vampire character.
He's a big, bad boss of that game.
So some pro tips coming at the video that stick around game Rowe tips from chips.
So happy that way.
Dracula is dead by my hand.
Loathe humans are in complete chaos.
Good boy.
Hiding in villages being picked up by night creatures way enclosed this corridor.
Drink all the humans.
Ah, human race is poisonous and corrupt on should be wiped off the world.
One day, hell would be emptied and its doors were rattled in You have a suggestion.
Let me take care of it.
Are you sure?
I'm a simple man with simple pleasures.
Do you have my back?
Yo, you know Castle Vania making whips.
Since 1987.
Also, if you learn anything from this trailer as well, if you got some problems, just grab some chains.
Go get him.
Go get him.
Did she make it icicle out of the spear and then just put it through?
I issue the avatar.
I feel like I'm back to the Avatar.
Yeah, but like murder as well.
A monster jumped and she went like this.
And then it was in pieces.
Yeah, like much ice.
Think just like you do.
Just just dissected it.
Well, it's like an avatar when they when they picked, like, eventually they get to the point.
We're like, uh, water benders can be like blood benders, just like Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
There's a lot of water in us that actually that is very scary.
I don't like it one bit.
No, no, that is so scary.
I don't really know what the plot of this is, but I don't really care.
It's just gonna be like, 01 rad fight, which makes one person mad and they go have a ratify any.
It's just like the elevator pitches.
Just like castle.
Vania Rad fights.
You go like a you know, Castle Vania.
That would like Wayne.
We're violence.
Chris was thing about those eight minutes cells is that they really don't bring to life just the crazy amounts of violence.
Alright, Jay's type of those pro gamer tips.
How did you beat that secret box?
And you cast of any game, so Okay.
Oh, you were So it's after the fourth on the fourth level.
When you unlock the double job, you know, I double jumped.
You got to go back to the first level, okay?
And it's after in the first level, after you decapitate 18 different minute ours, they feed their heads to the center.
A shopkeeper like her name is Susan.
You feed her 18 minute our heads, okay?
And then and then when you do that, she screams.
And so much poorer than it on lots of trap door.
You can double jump into the trap, don't ya?
And you get two slices of bread.
But then you get to when you get to the eighth level when you fight the harpy, boss.
Normally, the way to kill the Harvey boss is just to take your spear and just put it right through head.
But if if you do a certain strategy where you roll underneath her, you rip off both of her wings and then you strapped them onto your back, and then you can fly straight up and get to the top.
And then there you find a jar of peanut butter, you get to the final boss, the prep that staging the shopkeepers gonna do you want to buy any supplies to kill the shop.
Oh, my God.
You know, underneath the test and there's just a bottle of holy water.
What you do is you makes about holy water peanut butter together.
And then you put the two you equip the two pieces of bread and then you make a holy water peanut butter sandwich and then you get to the ATM.
Last final, Boss, it's like it's me, Adam, and I'm the worst.
I'm not as good as J, you know, holding against beach, you know?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And then instead of slipping your murder whip, you equip your sandwich and goes, Oh, is that a delicious sandwich?
I would love it.
And then he eats.
It starts to fight you, but just, like slowly starts like falling apart and deteriorating.
But then there's more.
Thank you.
Think he just dies?
But then you have to fight his like floating head.
And then what you can do is you can actually if you could the butterfly net got in the fourth level.
Sure, you can capture you put on a robot body and then you go back to the eighth level, OK?
And you put it in the chair, huh?
You just do a cheat code that someone's me.
And then you get to watch the Secret episode preview that is included in the game.
Oh, wow.
It's Adam's Dracula head.
Everyone's favorite dish.
Everyone's David.
Somebody's here.
Normal human J.
And the funny thing is like, the whole time I was like, Hey, like you.
Look, I'm so sorry I'm not as good as you.
But I'm like, Hey, man inside.
I forgive you for the whole thing to get to the end of the video.
And then you asked me to read the video.
The alright rates really proceed into the castle.
Vania, this one's getting this one's getting one ton at of the whole tongue of just murdered centers like, Wow, there's a lot of murder monsters in this one and yeah, yeah, that's when no, I were coming.
They know where the bread's buttered showed us those rave monsters at the beginning or kind of way.
How would you guys like this trailer?
Let us Cal Thomas Blower Hoppity discouraging were lots of fun.
Cool people, just like you were talking about lots of fun.
Cool stuff.
We'd love to have you during that conversation.
Like a down pillow in our description box and wall.
You're down there.
Like subscribe.
Hit that youtube that you do so well, blocking all these extra you monster murder weirdos.
You go get some other videos of positive soon.
Please watch those.
We would appreciate it as much as we appreciate you sticking around the end of this video.
Thank you so much.
Do it at context.
Stop, Dad.
Stop today.
Any waved abs?
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Castlevania Season 3 - Trailer Reaction

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 10, 2020
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