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  • Everyone of us has been touched by this attack on your beloved city.

  • Everyone of us stands with it.

  • It does make you value life how blessed we are that we live everyday.

  • (people shouting)

  • Our house is freaking destroyed.

  • The two most likely largest inventions of our generation are the internet and the mobile phone.

  • They changed the world.

  • However, Edward Snowden starting leaking information.

  • The only thing that restricts the activities of the surveillance state are policy.

  • You probably heard that hasn’t worked as smoothly as it is supposed to work.

  • The protesters anonymous a date November the 5th intentional.

  • Let’s stop fight! How about you?

  • This is a decision that says gay people have equal rights.

  • Gay marriage is now legal in England and Wales after Queen Elizabeth II gave her royal stamp of approval.

  • Today is the day of every woman, every boy, and every girl, who have raised their voice for their rights.

  • The dog!

  • The dog!

  • Hi puppy!

  • Oh, oh, Bowsie, bless your little bitty heart.

  • Put out that fire. Were going to drop this!

  • He decided, “I don’t want to be in the hospital all the time.

  • I want to be out with friends.

  • and I want to feel sick and I want to be home.”

  • Were people and we have problems. Were not perfect and that’s okay! So we need to stop the ignorance,

  • stop the intolerance.

  • the only way is by standing strong togetherby standing strong together.

  • Who are in? (voices agreeing)

  • Today, this 5-year old is teaching the entire city,

  • what it means to be a superhero.

  • Congratulations!

  • This is so great!

  • (people giggling)

  • Will you marry me?

  • Yes!

  • Of course, I will!

  • (people shouting and clapping their hands)

  • Whew!

  • Three

  • Two

  • One

  • (people shouting)

  • "I stand here before you not as a prophet, but as a humble servant of you, the people."

Everyone of us has been touched by this attack on your beloved city.

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