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  • specialists of catalonia

  • put together an interesting at acts to motivate people to go vote during their regional elections

  • alright now these advertisement is something that uh both conservatives and liberals in

  • spain

  • highly offensive okay so i'm gonna show you guys the video and i want you to judge for

  • yourself is this video highly offensive

  • it

  • alright so in the end it says voting is a pleasure and you know obviously during that

  • commercial she orgasms actually starting

  • that's was pleasurable

  • and it you know i'm i'm really amazed at how offended people are first of all offended

  • is such a weird word to describe it why is that offensive get all woman orgasm is offensive

  • i think

  • actually thought it was funny i thought it was a creative way to get people interested

  • in voting it was a good way to get people's attention i didn't find it offensive at all

  • and i'm really amazed that both conservatives and liberals in stain uh we're not in favor

  • of this commercial

  • outside what it that's our boarding works are even world war

  • i do i go to a local school districts that outages newschool bill macphail europe is

  • what you got

  • uh listen it depends on the context

  • if you put that on acting and people that are freaking out indicates initiated

  • it's on television love

  • if you put on the internet

  • who cares

  • nobody freesat so i find it

  • you know satellite sometimes is

  • it's can't do things even at late at night and therefore online

  • uh ilike i'd jizz in my pants right right uh and be remembered they carry data on on

  • on error not of fish but that online

  • it's so good as our contacts in it

  • reenacting doing you can't move i think it in december handicap

  • pay and

  • but if you have a point

  • right babies i mentioned in my pants i mean i was much more bolder than is commercial

  • i don't know maybe i'm being too easy on this commercial i thought okay so it's a woman

  • having an orgasm

  • big-deal michael lives that affects the atlantic will discuss it but i think

  • and you know they're feminist since then that are saying look this is degrading to women

  • okay would you rather have a man or does it mean everybody you've got a better commercial

  • for your guy would be

  • there would be all day and million times worse

  • what's funny is that ok woman orgasm is hot

  • and minority as a for no reason

  • like in a booth

  • is a good thirty eight states ever but not really not a dirty but like this standard

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this episode of the young turks is brought to you by audible dot com get your free audiobook

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