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  • back on my baby Jesus, Shit e oh, run Out of time on the news.

  • So many hoses that run away They keep finding in there.

  • I don't know.

  • The nigga's I who they say they want smoking True that Sending the threats on the net before releasing the fuck we gonna pump.

  • Go ahead.

  • I don't ready for with Nick.

  • I know it's 70 knicks.

  • He must have thought I was a home like a hole in the I didn't get back on my steel jacking my style, Pringle bitches in the back like Garrido.

  • I love you.

  • Too much bread.

  • Oh, now you're gonna go get your money back.

  • I've been a bitch over on the kitchen table.

  • Totally bad guy.

  • That my phone.

  • My don't working on working on working on a way.

  • Better I go to work in some push.

  • I gotta drinking it.

  • Push He go to church with a push.

  • Fucking me.

  • Goofy.

  • Sure.

  • Let him a group.

  • Yeah, I make him put out.

  • The phone turned a bit colder.

  • Smooth.

  • I'm sure a lot of my group I make him put out the phone turned a bit younger.

  • Smooth.

  • What was that?

  • Street right down you go down like you're doing bullshit, man.

  • I told you, they got me down, right?

  • I I I I'm back on my baby cheese.

  • You guys going blue again with these?

  • I'm not.

  • I guess I'm gonna send a bitch back.

  • Charlotte got 4000 selling for the three.

  • Keep going up the phone brides and trying to get set up for the cheap.

  • No, but you ain't got no receipt, no refunds on a p.

  • I got a business of friction on my side of thousands stabbed Street.

  • I don't like talking, bro.

  • Bitches.

  • I remain silent like David Maurice.

  • Uh, my bitches.

  • No, I'm a dog.

  • Good book.

  • Another bitch.

  • I need a baby from Miami.

  • But doesn't it bother you?

  • Got d, huh?

  • Don't compare me right now.

  • Is that no embarrassing not to meet Duncan on ***?

  • The butter room set out money made it.

  • I do a remix Embarrassed wrapped and shit on this beat.

  • Somebody don't want savage up for me And be so nice.

  • Time to eat.

  • You got some really blew it sees.

  • I'm I'm gonna go send a bitch back.

  • Charlotte got 7 4043 Keep blowing up my phone Brides have been trying to get me settled for the cheap.

  • No, bitch, you ain't got no receipt, No refunds on a baby, Baby, baby, baby Hey, come back!

back on my baby Jesus, Shit e oh, run Out of time on the news.

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Baby Jesus (DaBaby) - GORILLA GLUE [Official Video]

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/10
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