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  • every country must be ready for its first case.

  • It's first question the first evidence of community transmission and for dealing with sustained community transmission.

  • These are forcing values, and it must be preparing for all of those scenarios.

  • At the same time, no country should ask you it won't get cases.

  • That could be a fatter mistake.

  • And quite literally, this virus does not respect borders.

  • It does not distinguish between races pour into the cities.

  • It has no regard for a country's GDP or level development.

  • The point is not only to private cases arriving on your shows.

  • The point is what you do where you have cases.

  • But we're not hopeless.

  • We're not defenseless.

  • There are things every country and every person can do.

  • Every country needs to be ready to detect cases toe isolate visions.

  • Tres contacts provide quality cleaning, car care, President Watts, Beetle outbreaks and president community transmission.

  • There are some vital questions that every country must be asking.

  • It's of today.

  • I'll be ready for the first case.

  • What will we do?

  • Wait!

  • Arrives where the first case arrived.

  • We have enough American oxygen, ventilators and other vital equipment.

  • Is there a reporting system that helps facilities are all using and a way to raise on others.

  • If there is a concern.

  • We have the right measures at airports and border crossings to test people who are sick.

  • Do our lives have the right chemicals that I love them to test samples?

  • Do our people have the right information?

  • Do they know what the disease looks like?

  • It's not usually already knows.

  • In 90% of cases, it's a fever and 70% off case is a dry cough.

  • I'll be ready to fight rumors and misinformation with clear and simple messages that people can understand.

  • Are we able to have our people on our side to fight this outbreak?

  • Desire the questions that every health minister must be ready to answer now?

  • These are the questions back, and when we asked, that can prepare us.

  • And these are the questions that will be the difference between one case and 100 cases in the in the coming days on dhe weeks.

  • If the answer to any of these questions is no, your country has a gun this virus will exploit.

  • I have a bit if the answer toa any off these questions, is No, your country has a gun that this virus will exploit, and even developing countries could be surprised.

  • Way have already seen a side price.

  • There could be more stock price.

  • Our message continues to be that this virus has found any picture, and the major is providing the tools to help every country to prepare accordingly.

every country must be ready for its first case.

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