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  • Hello, everyone, Welcome to another video.

  • Now this is an AMG Semple on 3800 plus released in October of 2006.

  • This process, sir, was the fastest in its class, which doesn't really account for much when all it's got to be other single core CPI use that feature rather unimpressive catalogue of specs.

  • Simple ones have always bean Am DEA's budget focused chips, and this was no exception.

  • Based on the A M to sockets under the name Manila, this 64 bit 2.2 gigahertz offering boasts a 256 k b l two cache a 59 What TDP and support for DDR to memory.

  • It wasn't intended for heavy work loads then, and it certainly isn't in 2000 and 19.

  • In fact, it probably would have run its course by mid 2007.

  • But I'm being a bit mean.

  • What's special about this one is that for the past 13 years it's remained unopened, an unusual occurrence.

  • But today, that's going to change and believe me when I say that little bit of me is going to die inside.

  • So let's have ourselves a good old fashioned Unboxing video and then we'll be testing out what this thing can do.

  • But I warn you, it really isn't much.

  • First of all, let's take a look at the outside of the box.

  • You can see this is a 64 bit Cebu, and it came with a three year limited warranty, which has expired.

  • Unfortunately, by now around the side, you can see the process itself, and we should have the original heat sink fan included in this very large box on the back here, you can see the original process of details.

  • I like the way I am.

  • D were quite honest about their simple processes.

  • They tell you straight off the these air for budget conscious customers on dhe, they don't try and make it sound like anything.

  • It's no.

  • We've also got calling quiet technology here with this process in which I believe was available from all of Thesent bronze, starting with the 3200 plus on above, which would keep that fan nice and quiet when it doesn't need to be running at full speed.

  • And around the other side we've just got a lovely little picture off the simple process, sir.

  • So Let's get it out of the box.

  • So let's welcome the return of the monetization friendly knife and cut the box open.

  • As you can see in here, we've got what should be the heat sink here or just then empty piece of cardboard will put that to the side.

  • And now we'll remove the core components, first of all, starting with the process, sir.

  • As you can see here, this is the central itself, encased within its plastic packaging and surrounded by another piece of cardboard.

  • Very exciting stuff here on the channel will put this aside for now.

  • And first Unbox, the heat sink will also remove the original instructions here.

  • Oh, and we get a nice little sempre, um, sticker as well, which will find a nice new place on my modern PC.

  • I think I'll stick that right on the front of my desktop just to trick people into thinking on the Sempra.

  • Hilarious.

  • Nothing else in the box here.

  • So we'll put that to the side on crack.

  • Open the heat sink fan on during the box, which is harder than I anticipated.

  • And we've got the original heat sink here with the original thermal paste intact.

  • What I like about these old AMG heat sinks is how chunky they are.

  • They're also quite quiet in operation.

  • I know the modern am four rising, he thinks, also do a pretty good job of maintaining a combination of cool and quietness.

  • But I found that they can get a little bit louder if you try and overcook.

  • Fortunately, this isn't over culpable in the scientist.

  • So this heat think we'll do a very nice job of calling this CPU, and here it is the same from 3800 plus in all of its glory.

  • This part was also quite hard on May, having to tear open this little piece of cardboard here.

  • I won't be repackaging this in a hurry.

  • This is probably one I'll keep on add to my collection.

  • So here is the same from 3800 a fine example of one of Andy's budget friendly CP use from mid last decade.

  • I also couldn't help but wonder as to whether or not the original thermal paste had dried up.

  • Considering it's been here so long on all I did was touch it with my finger, something I'd never usually recommend that you do, but in this case it was nearly completely dried up.

  • You can see that it was absolutely stuck on the bottom of this heat sink.

  • It turned into a pretty solid powder at this point.

  • And I think if you put this on the CPU as it waas in an attempt to keep it call, it would end up overheating within seconds.

  • The thermal paste is pretty much par off the heat sink now, but what can it do?

  • I hear none of you ask.

  • Well, let's find out right now.

  • So today does not mark the last time you'll see this imprint, as I plan to put it in a building that's better suited to the time using all older components.

  • So in this one, I'll give you a little bit off a sneak preview regarding the performance of this chip.

  • When it comes to games, forgive me as there's no frame rate counter on the screen, so I'm gonna talk to you a little bit about each individual games performance, starting with Grand Theft Auto.

  • San Andreas.

  • This is an old game released in about 2005 on PC on that such it will run at close to 30 frames per second orbit with the lowest settings.

  • Now you may remember Gun, This is a port from the PS two version of the game, and hence it runs at a locked 30 F.

  • P.

  • S, which the scent brun is able to achieve.

  • I'm not gonna say easily because there are a few drops here now.

  • I paired it with a 98 100 GT.

  • An older card also had to install Windows seven in order to test all of today's games.

  • Because I think although Windows 10 might run with the simple on 3800 plus, I didn't want to take a chance.

  • So I just installed a fresh copy of Windows seven and reinstall my games that way.

  • No half life two is so easy to run these days that you can turn the settings down low enough and you should be able to see close to 60 frames per second like we were doing here, albeit with a pretty low resolution.

  • The 9800 duty is also helping.

  • But the process, sir, is maxing out 100% most off the time.

  • Last but not least for now.

  • We have modern warfare to this will run anywhere between 15 and 30.

  • FBS.

  • It does have a few sound issues.

  • I e.

  • The audio isn't always sink up to what's going on on the screen so it can be off putting, particularly if you're playing a special ops mission like I am here.

  • All in all well, the Simplon certainly will struggle, and you won't be able to see decent performance in many games, even older ones on for now.

  • I guess that's all you can really say.

  • I hope you've enjoyed the unboxing of Thesent from 3800 plus liver like on it.

Hello, everyone, Welcome to another video.

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