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  • Yeah, I really enjoyed it.

  • Obviously, it's taken some time.

  • I've been working really hard in training.

  • I think I've trained really well, you just have to put stay patient in these moments.

  • I'm just really happy that it finally came and got toe Play against that Ross County and get the win.

  • Hey, please don't use your upon performance is real to me.

  • I was pretty pleased with it.

  • I think I was a little rustic since I haven't played much, Um, like a massive run of games.

  • So I think I think that improve on.

  • But I thought it was positive in my blood.

  • Great backs, obviously possession that James, having the media is all over the last couple years.

  • How much do you take from kind of having an interview?

  • Learn from him for that.

  • For that role, I've definitely learned from him.

  • Um, he's very positive display.

  • He likes to get up and down the pitch and put crosses in.

  • So I try and replicate that a little bit.

  • Obviously, I'm not going to because I'm not James having here, but, um, I try and do it in my own way.

  • The games you've played previously of maybe not quite come up against a lot like that.

  • Prosperity, obviously, that it fairly well, who difficult was it to try and break and break that thing?

  • Yeah, it's difficult, especially when they put something numbers by the ball.

  • But I think for us, it's just needs to stay patient and wait for opportunities.

  • And thankfully, Grady puts one away like that.

  • Opens it up a little bit for us.

  • You feel you've done enough to keep your place in the team for Saturday.

  • I think I've played well.

  • Um, I don't think I've hurt my chances by any by any means, but I think I can improve on that performance.

  • And when I get around the games, I think I can show more.

  • But I can guess that's maybe the next test, cause you might maybe not been used to playing so many games in a short period of time.

  • Just you you have perhaps ready for that.

  • Yeah, um, I'm definitely ready for it.

  • I think it's it's all just about recovering as quick as possible and being ready for the next game.

Yeah, I really enjoyed it.

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