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  • L.

  • A just touched down in Coachella.

  • Be big guy.

  • You need to keep it always G for some spit on that just touched down in Coachella half of brick A run in a gram.

  • Let's give the suburban kids on their love.

  • I better get these artists.

  • I beg you are like a result speed another day.

  • Put pull treason Rolls Royces.

  • I'm a painting bitch in my training and now my busy trying to pull Did you snitch *** Keeping my bad ruler like the same region.

  • Freedom in America.

  • Lee's my client looking like it sticks to I mean your girlfriend.

  • Guilt double sees.

  • Get my closet like a salad mixes it takes.

  • Keep talking my business down like I'm a pimp you seek.

  • You keep walking, Get in touch with my blue Sometime we speak because I cherish my relationships.

  • Every mother mention dealership who need a runner when you get it shipped.

  • Save Lehman Palate too regular like a result.

  • Just another day palm trees and roll roses in the man.

  • I don't know my version.

  • I want no way duffel anything throws a couple 1,000,000 them a drink to my rose truck.

  • White.

  • Wait Wait.

  • I was selling *** off White late night night.

  • Chucky.

  • Put it in a shooting.

  • Take place.

  • Go your own way.

  • I just left the arena.

  • My mama.

  • You should have seen us again.

  • Look what I called.

  • I met Previa having lunch Comfort colored rock nation.

  • 30 million in money you need for friend 30.

  • I don't know why I beg your liquor results speed another day.

  • Pull treason Rolls Royces in a parking lot.

  • Made man just left in juvie.

  • So don't look at me.

  • Everywhere I go, I want to see my knickers.

  • Almost l a scene with me doing further loyalty.

  • Not just to change for me All through my *** Triple pitch You're freezing me shots from a shop, But walk to when the planes come in.

  • Number one I think I broke Jim People at that table like a street dream Street Keep repeating nifty on his seat thing three brings way to worst.

  • Mama, Be safe.

  • I got your back.

  • You got mine bringing us trouble in the dark.


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