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Yeah, yeah, I think I got came from a leak I saw my watch Is ana she underneath the turf?
The worse it's gonna get water Oh, my re saying from my feet aboutthe if I win, the rabbi will be rich.
Me Another house came from the vicious on a cruise ship.
Started cruising it.
If I win, there still be rich.
If I had lived if I fought the holes in time Truth, I can't see how much of a little tree thing Cool that's out of me.
You're giving me making going to bed solidarity.
They maybe kill me like I got loopy me for real familiar.
I go, gorilla I'm part of the bay.
Teen fucking thought so Pretty Like willing Lo is a drag queen.
I'm in a broad beans, I think is the wagging Ever since Mom TV beach bag She got water.
She can't cool things.
Got a black diamond changing all of my whole Get a water mate.
I got 20 would be a shame.
I got 20 closes like address According away.
Which one?
A model But address the point of the baby going e my brother.
My paperwork ain't got no fucking day.
I was thinking I don't know.
No namer.
Oh, e You want me to get you see Rex?
She gonna bring it, Daddy, even take out a baby.
I was cool as a kid.
If I win, there still be rich.
If I had lived, if I fought the holes in time True.
I can't be hard.
A much of a little tree thing.
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Young Thug - Cruise Ship (Super Slimey)

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 10, 2020
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