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  • what I think the Indian man is a very unique species.

  • The whole swelling of the mustache slapping of the time, people believe, makes a man I used to feel that you're being a man is something where you have a good physique.

  • Strong body, strong action I would pick up by even if you looked at me.

  • Boys supposed to be a man, be before even understand what it is to be when I was growing up, surrounded by people who are this toxic notions of masculinity?

  • A very strong reason for that is insurance off my dad and the army.

  • For me, being a man was really genuinely for a long time, not telling emotions to others.

  • If you grew up in the nineties, it was always being the bad guy.

  • So you just picked up by that was being masculine looking like a man.

  • There was this incident that happened.

  • I lost my dog.

  • You don't hit me hard.

  • And I started to cry people Instead of showing sympathy, they asked me through.

  • Why are you crying, Yura?

  • Guy masculinity would have been something different.

  • Give me a couple of years ago for me right now, is actually really impressive.

  • Bink Bink.

  • For some reason, I don't like pink.

  • I love very think doesn't suit me so much.

  • Why not?

  • You were colors.

  • Let the fuchsia pink.

  • The volume of discussions are going on around gender itself.

  • The next few generations are going to experience a lot more freedom When it comes to feeling comfortable in their gender, The woman is no longer confined at home.

  • Man, the man is no longer confined at work.

  • We're moving on to being partners.

  • I've been okay with my wife.

  • Making more money ever since marriage.

  • Who picks up the check?

  • Oh, sometimes me.

  • Sometimes it's okay to speak it out there.

  • I don't take out my sword have been made in 2018.

  • Being a man needs to be quite cognition or the gender parity in today's ecosystem.

  • I would have no problem having a partner told me I was dating a girl who was taller than me.

  • And she would wear heels in front Shorter than me.

  • Very different than me.

  • High doesn't bother me.

  • It's a new generation right now and we should be with degeneration and not think about the traditions are that you can never hold back progress.

  • You have to figure out where you want to fit in this whole story in sport, if you make a mistake at the end of the game, if you don't accept it, you're not gonna improve on that.

  • Mr.

  • What it start me is to accept tomorrow.

  • Being a sport is more important than wanting to win this car.

what I think the Indian man is a very unique species.

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