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  • says.

  • Have you spoken to him?

  • Darren?

  • Darren, since I have not.

  • Unfortunately, on git was one of those things were like, You know, Hey, we're gonna be brothers forever.

  • And, you know, I mean, there was literally a point.

  • I don't know if it's on the show or not where, you know, he started saying that he could feel like Corey Haim speaking through him.

  • It was very weird.

  • I mean, there were these crazy parallels going, but that said we made all these plans for after the show that he was gonna be part of the documentary and he wanted to help me record the title track, and we were gonna do all this stuff together.

  • He wanted my brother to manage him, and then he just disappeared.

  • And it was like, I would say, Oh, typical flaky Hollywood stuff.

  • But I think it's deeper than that.

  • I hope he finds his way.

  • It seems in the first episode, you were really there for him, and I mean, is that I just felt it, you know, I was sitting there and it was very genuine because it was like, here's a guy who's saying everything that I feel you know, I get it.

  • You know, Mom screwed you over, used you, abused you on what have you got to show for it?

  • And, you know, you just want to feel like love, right?

  • You just want to feel loved him.

  • And I totally could relate.

  • My brother Eden could totally relate.

  • My wife could totally you know, we were all just sitting there going like, Oh, so I just went over and gave me a hug.

  • But that said, from that moment on, I feel like he kind of clung to me, and we kind of, you know, develop this brother type relationship, which, honestly, although I loved it, was also a bit hard because I was there to work on my relationship with my own brother.

  • So it became a bit of a conflict of interest because it was like, I want to be there for you, but I also need to be there for my brother because this is our only opportunity.

  • But that said I still did what I could to show compassion and love to Aaron and I have nothing.

  • But you know the best wishes for him.

  • I really hope that you know, he.

  • I think that there is something cathartic about this whole thing he's going through right now because he told us a lot of these secrets and confidence.

  • Just I can say that much, even if it's not on the show.

  • I don't know what's going be on the show and what's not seen this season yet, but can I just say that much?

  • That I had many long talks with Aaron Carter, and so did my wife and he confided a great many things in us.

  • Do you think the public speaking, the face, tattoos, things like that?

  • Do you think that's all, like, maybe a cry for help?

  • Somebody?

  • Yeah, I think it's all, unfortunately a symptom or it's a symptom into effect of the abuse and it's the same Cory Hey, yeah, you look at those parallels right before Cory died, there was so much of that, you know, every day there would be a new story about some crazy thing that he was doing.

  • Why?


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Corey Feldman Talks Aaron Carter Friendship

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/09
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