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Hello, everyone and welcome to my YouTube channel.
Spent seven years in the Army, and his work ethic and coach ability certainly speaks to that now.
A welterweight title contender here is Neil Magne, one of the better striking differentials in this welterweight division.
Well rounded fighter.
A lot of different looks on the feet will switch dances if he needs to grapple.
He's not afraid to go to the takedown.
This is a guy who fought five times in 2014 another five A year later.
He has really been a guy that the UFC can lean on and and even in spots, where has been the underdog Joe Hell, Magne is produced.
This guy has insanely fast kicking speed and rigid Oculus leg dexterity.
If you are close enough for him to kick you, you've got a real problem on your hands.
So here he is, the two time combat samba world champion lightweight contender Cobb Norma Go Meddoff, undefeated for the mixed martial arts career.
He has been dominant every step of the way.
Joe The Eagle trains out of the famed American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, Calif.
He's very athletic, has a ton of natural quickness.
You could see it in the way he moves around the Octagon.
He's got fast feet and lightning quick jab.
He's a very difficult guy to counter.
Fight as soon as you see the shot coming, he's tagged you or a tale of the tape for this.
Our main event off the evening, nor Moscow met office.
Magne is 30.
He will have a 10 inch reach advantage now for the official introductions.
Here's first bumper ladies.
When the action begins, a referee you and 21 170 27 wins Go.
Give me your instructions in the dressing room.
Protect yourself at all time.
Follow my instructions.
You will have a fight.
I am very fired up for this fight.
It's been a long time coming.
The fans have been anticipating this for a long time and it is gonna go down.
Way Go!
You hear so much from the elevation fighting guys.
Christian Alan least Bonelli Marshall aboutthe approachability of Neil Magne And how willing he is still on Nice punch by Magne Magne works so well off of that jab he'll be trying to establish it early in on a single here immediately.
Shoots for the leg.
Take the back here.
He's inside control here and busy as he looks to improve position here, Hammer 50 years ago moves to North South North South.
Shows a very technical choking.
A lot of guys do it.
Wrong way.
Set it up.
Close it off.
Got to choke for the town.
Well, yes, you're working.
The gym pays off here tonight as he gets the wind by submission.
Set up on the choke and I think even better execution down the stretch.
Clearly it was something deep.
His opponent had no choice but to tap or take a nap.
In this case, he chose to tap.
And here's the end of the fight way could see it again.
That's a really tight choke here.
And let's watch it here one more time.
Deep submission and the tab.
So there he is, your winner.
By submission, that is a finished they will likely be talking about for some time.
Big win.
Major statement made to the rest of this division.
Ladies and gentlemen, Referee contest two minutes 18 seconds.
The winner.
What a big win!
Tonight they say everybody eventually meets their matching mixed martial arts.
It hasn't happened for thank you for what?
A chain.
For more videos, she's soon find the recipe.
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Khabib vs. Neil Magny (EA Sports UFC 3) - CPU vs. CPU

9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 10, 2020
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