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choreographing Dimitri from last season's top 10.
Today we're doing samba, and this card is like a red condense thing.
You got to be a man because you just on the floor of his He was Danny and my name is Lacey.
And together we are Dancy anyone for him, too.
She's really fun, and she never really gets boring, but a little too much fun devour me nanny.
Very sexy.
Very hat are in the sand.
Lacey and I get extremely close.
It's almost like we're making out.
It's kind of tempting, actually.
You gorgeous.
I think I fall in love with a stripper.
Subject for tonight's show is rhythm driving force that pulls their life with your with that direction and with the cheese.
And so tonight we're safe, hip, hip change in the river.
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SYTYCD3 Danny & Lacy Hip Hip Chin Chin.mpg

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 10, 2020
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