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put it back.
I called my friend way.
Enjoy your ball.
Brand weakened by the way.
We want real talk, Man.
All of my friends, my friends were really tripping my way Awesome boat brand weakened by the hills And we won't really by the whole team Got a bankroll.
Well, about it, Charlie.
Lay more ways, Aurora.
We got a one count.
Money will do only what I can only hold on my friend Wayne.
Really shipping my losses.
Put Bangles way.
Everybody stop calling my friend.
We're really driven mine.
And also well, I do enjoy some old brand weakened by the way, we won't really talk, man.
All my friends are way trip on my way Don't deal with your awesome boat brand Weakened by together is that we won't really talk.
I'm about to make a bushel wet When I talk, I'm a four fucking around Shoot like my name Black will get the road ahead to run up on me like I was flying and then go, Go Pick up the power of social.
My bitch of buses Are bitches think they know my wrist cost $100,000.
I'm joking.
You can call yourself a bust of you and waiting but a *** All of my friends way with the awesome boat brand weakened by the hills that we won't really talk, Man, all of my friends way trip on my way Don't know what you're doing.
Awesome ball brand.
We combine together that we won't really talk again here in a six being another near an all white meat, huh?
Baby Mama currently got my governmental hold on.
We'll put out a show.
Maybe I could kind of me.
All right.
I want you gone, Norman.
Probably my brother here.
My baby.
She'll balls too.
Whole gang.
They're both to a real bottom.
Or the other morning I called my friend way.
Awesome ball brand weakened.
By the way.
We won't really talk, Man.
All of my friends are both wearing trip.
We'll do it some more.
Brand weakened by hitting that we won't really talk, man.
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Plies ft. DaBaby - "Boss Friends" (Official Music Video)

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 10, 2020
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