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  • Good morning.

  • It's Sunday, March It's morning at Cambridge on it's about three degrees.

  • Things are pouring out nicely.

  • Uh, 39,000 people will be running it age.

  • Good morning, Thio.

  • It's past nine.

  • I think on on the midst of a common in Cambridge on it's gonna be huge.

  • Just really do is just to show you that I am in orange.

  • That's my starting area and I'm gonna be at the back because I'm slow.

  • But one day I might get Thio Green.

  • That's gonna be an ambition past the next safe are being quite good.

  • We have to drop our bags with warm coats and stuff on and then I'll have to shiver a bit.

  • What happened for blankets?

  • Which you can see a number of people before blankets on to stay warm before we actually get going on.

  • It's really well organized, So I'm really excited on dhe.

  • I'm gonna try and be two hours a day by day.

  • I won't be cutting because it's gonna be a great morning.

  • I any three months King's college chapel by me card application for right.

  • Check in.

  • Uh, can you tell I'm overheating and obey delays, but I'm not feeling too badly trying to save now that the Miles disappear without having to work too hard for them on.

  • I think I might just have to make two out.

  • It's on within three to go.

  • Can I do under to have in a really try hard now whenever that's better?

  • That was a message and loving it.

  • Great on three trumpets in ST just a moment ago on the back.

  • Two minutes, two hours.

  • So, please, you got such one.

  • I've never run that far sustainable American.

  • My increase.

  • Thanks so much for school.

  • May I'm cheating it, really?

Good morning.

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