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Hello everybody and welcome to
and welcome to Vancouver
yes, we're outside again to learn some "be" phrasal verbs
so let's go!
"be up to", be up to means you're doing something and sometimes it can be devious
so you could say: " what are you up to today?"
that just means: "what are you doing today?"
but if your mother sees you doing something bad when you're a kid
she'll say, "Junior, what are you up to?"
to be into something means that you're interested or involved in something
so you could be into
"to be down to" means that your supplies are running low
so you're driving along
and you see that your tank is getting very low on gas so
I'm down to my last litre or gallon of gas
Danger! Danger!
along those same lines we have "to be out of"
this means that you've toally run out of gas
that your supplies are exhausted
OK! So I'll tell a story as fast as I can
I had a friend and his wife and kids were doing nothing on a Sunday
and so I phoned him and I said, "what are you guys up to?"
and they said, "nothing much". And I said, "let's go on a boat ride"
and it was right here
at this marina
so the marina(staff) says, "OK guys, have a great time, but you only have 90 minutes"
OK, no problem!
so were taking pictures of seals and were taking pictures of birds and everything's great
until it comes up to around 70 minutes and I say, "it's time we started heading back guys"
but this couple wanted to get the best bang for their buck and said, "no, no let's take it to the limit"
"and we'll see if we can stay here until 85, 87 minutes and then go back to the dock"
so that's what we did and around 80 minutes I said
"let's head back" So I knew that we were down to our last litre at around 85 minutes
and then around 87 minutes, as we're coming into the dock
the boat dies, we we're out of gas
the only problem was that there was a huge ship coming in our direction
and it was sounding its fog horn
so I phoned the marina and I said, "phone the captain of the ship and tell him that we're out of gas"
and they(marina staff) said, "no, no just wave your arms" like this
so we did and luckily the boat went around us
so there you have a few of the expressions I used there
well everybody I'm out of time and I hope that you enjoyed my
be phrasal verbs here in West Vancouver
Bye for now!
"be up to" that means doing something, sometimes it can be.......oh what am I doing with my sunglasses on?
"to be in for something" is something that you expect or the person who's telling you expects
so you're in for a big surprise today it means that
you can expect a big surprise
and there goes a motorcycle, yes
....means that you're going to expect or going to know that you're gonna get a big treat
and another motorcycle, it must be Hells Angels' day
it's a convoy.no leaving it rolling this is bloopers, we've got a full charge here on the camera
yes....bye Hells Angels....go to heaven!!!!
yes this is a genetically modified Canadian Maple leaf
um.it was crossed with an elephant
that thing's a big......
big Mama!
Geeze Louise!
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Speak English Phrasal Verbs Fast - Learning English TV 15 with Steve Ford

10458 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on January 2, 2014
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