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  • U S Senate has found President Donald Trump not guilty of abuse of power.

  • In the first article of impeachment, 52 senators have pronounced him not guilty as charged.

  • 2/3 of the senators present not having pronounced him guilty.

  • The Senate a judge is that the respondent Donald John Trump, president of the United States, is not guilty as charged.

  • Charles Cratchit is in Washington.

  • D.

  • C.

  • Charles Bring us up to spate.

  • We've had 90 votes in that second article.

  • Impatient.

  • That's obstruction of Congress.

  • I continue.

  • The result will be the same.

  • The president will be acquitted.

  • And that would mean that Donald Trump is acquitted in this impeachment trial.

  • The numbers in this second vote will be slightly different.

  • The result be 53 47.

  • That's because Mitt Romney, who voted to family the president guilty in the first count a Republican said into the first to break ranks, has voted not guilty this time around.

  • Regardless, it means that Donald Trump has the impeachment cloud lifted from his head.

  • He remains in office, and he has been acquitted in your charge.

  • What we want to see is the response from the White House Donald Trump Jr called for Senator Romney's expulsion from the party.

  • The question.

  • Does the president go down that line?

  • Demand complete loyalty from those knees party?

  • Or does he take a victory lap that the White House deserves in this case because they've won the vote?

  • It's been a very good week for Donald Trump, particularly today.

  • This was an event that some Democrats thought would say Donald Trump removed from office when it all began months ago.

  • Instead, his feet remain firmly under the desk in the Oval Office and say, or the reaction right Charles crowd to thank you, yeah.

U S Senate has found President Donald Trump not guilty of abuse of power.

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