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Two, One. Happy New Year! It's our one holiday where we celebrate the passage of time which
makes people stop and think, how do I want next year to be different than this year?
Maybe you're feeling a little girthy or a bit too lazy. Or maybe this is the year you
finally find that new job. Regardless of what your New Year's resolution is we want to remind
you, you will probably fail. Yep. Eighty percent of New Year's resolutions completely and utterly
fail. That's because people don't understand the difference between a New Year's resolution
and a New Year's plan. You see resolutions can be made on a whim. Your resolution will
probably make you feel like crap for the first couple of weeks and without a plan to get
yourself through you're destined to fail. A plan takes forethought. A plan means you're
serious. A plan breaks up your resolution in small achievable chunks and has many rewards
along the way. A plan is tracked in a journal and a plan recognizes that there's nothing
magical about January 1st. People who make plans are twice as likely to achieve their
resolution. So we wish you a Happy New Year. May all your plans come true. From us to you.
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Happy New Year! Make a Plan!

57940 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on January 5, 2017    Debra Liu translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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