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  • finished one.

  • There's no excuse for this.

  • We have 10 days off.

  • Wait.

  • A massive great alarm should be fresh.

  • Every K nighty did the fresh day.

  • But way we dominated most of the game.

  • There's no taking anything away from me so hard.

  • I play very well today.

  • They stopped class.

  • They start with us.

  • But I think defensively, not 10 minutes spell Well, they were were we can see it.

  • Our second goal.

  • It was shocking.

  • Wait, just a comic comic where it's keep keep giving him in the end.

  • What was the urgency like Danny Rose Like looking like he's wasting time.

  • Yeah, I didn't understand at the end of throwing like we'll just hanging around Just so.

  • No one number forward enough Wherever any posters today, Harry came back and freshly look good.

  • Um, struggling.

  • I mean, it's a massive blow.

  • Blow sees nothing losing that game.

  • I think this this team has a real problem.

  • When they have an opportunity to get a head start.

  • You know your way.

  • Had a moment to get ahead.

  • We stumble, happened way time.

  • We have the chance to push ahead of it way always gonna.

  • We're chasing whenever good what we have.

  • When the pressure's off, we're always good.

  • But then, yeah, when we actually have a chance.

  • Always way.

  • Can't get too pissed off because we got games.

  • Don't stop now.

  • We got Chelsea on Wednesday.

  • Yeah, go inside.

  • A doorman next week, I guess.

  • The title race again.

  • You say you got to call me losing Finally and expect to be anywhere near that.

  • I never really expect anything this time.

  • Maybe you were gonna be in there, will be challenging.

  • I thought we were gonna keep our consistency.

  • We had 1/2 a shot.

  • But losing this game, you can't be losing a way to burn.

  • But I'm sorry.

  • I inexcusable especially.

  • We have everything going for us.

  • It plays back injury.

  • Long break.

  • No excuses.

  • The resting on we end up losing the game so well.

  • It's such a shame Way dominated by including our chances heating.

  • It wasn't test enough.

  • Great.

  • Save cocaine.

  • That cane shop.

  • Yeah, that's the one.

  • Remember, he making any saves apart from those two free safe enough way.

  • Gotta be testing the keeper a lot more than wait.

  • 10 minutes fell when we were really stopping credit.

  • Barley because they stuck 11 men behind a ball finally paid well, only play well.

  • They feeling very difficult for us to break through.

  • They've been a good formula down being in 2019.

  • You can't take that away.

  • They went Old Trafford and your point is naked form.

  • So only pen Well, bye.

  • I think you're kicking themselves.

  • They take themselves way.

  • Move on to Chelsea on Wednesday.

  • That's gonna trip out Peruvian.

  • Easy.

  • There's never gonna be used against Chelsea.

  • Check tomorrow.

  • That's gonna come out later on, as always.

finished one.

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