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  • hi guys welcome back to my channel I had enough plan to make this video but I

  • thought that I might as well I haven't done I get ready with me in a while I've

  • been up since 5:00 a.m. with Max and I wouldn't trade it for the world

  • I don't know if you guys see but I have a little bit of redness on my skin I

  • just finished a little clay mask I used Sun and sky pink clay mask to

  • detoxify today's been such a hot day and I feel like my skin has been like

  • suffering so I'm going to start with using this stellar brilliant primer base

  • sellers been a company open testing recently and they have some really

  • really beautiful colors actually they're like eyeshadow palettes

  • I'm obsessed so far this summer because I don't can my skin I'm very careful in

  • the Sun but my body is darker than my face during the day I'll use like a

  • tinted sunscreen but in the evening I don't need SPF so I use this healthy

  • glow hydrating tint moisturizer by Charlotte Tilbury and I know it says

  • moisturizer but I wouldn't use it as a moisturizer I applied my moisturizer and

  • I'll just use it on top just to give that color for my skin for summer nights

  • I don't really like to use any foundation I don't feel it's necessary I

  • have some redness that I want to cover so I'm gonna use my RMS concealer to

  • hide any area that need brightening or concealing once

  • that's done I'm going to do my eyebrows because I can't do anything without my

  • eyebrows I'm using this benefit I've been using it so much that I don't even

  • see the name cuz it got the race so I actually start with this and go against

  • the hair growth just to fill it I get love love love this product

  • so it fluffs my eyebrows and it actually has fibers in it so it makes your

  • eyebrows look bushier I'll wait a little bit for it to

  • get right this is also waterproof which is very important for summertime then

  • I'll just do my brow pencil which is the same shade then I'm just gonna fill an

  • area stud or a little empty any bold spots that I have and it doesn't look

  • too done up I know how this is so my look today I just really want to go for

  • like really light glowy pretty makeup so I'm going to use my Chanel palette with

  • this taupey color right here and I'm just going to apply it right here to

  • create a little bit of natural colors

  • I'll take my eyebrow pencil and I'll just put it on my lash line because I

  • don't want to use any eyeliners but I still do want to define a little bit of

  • it so it's very slight nothing crazy and then I'm gonna put my mascara on so I'm

  • gonna be using my Marc Jacobs one I have a weird way of order when it comes to

  • makeup I just kind of go with whatever feels right at the moment now I'm going

  • to take my Chanel surely a 10 it's a bronzer it's universal and it's awesome

  • I'm just going to give myself a little bit of cheekbone

  • so I'm using this repeat mirror it's really pretty and I like to use it

  • anytime when I want to put a little light on my eyes then I'll also do it a

  • little bit here for lips because my dress has some red in it I don't wanna

  • do a red lip or say but I just want to have like a little tint of pinkish kind

  • of wine ish so I found this color that I really really like this is by Layla B

  • and it's called be remarkable it look is the record first don't get scared

  • first of all because I started with my eyes and then I did all these other

  • different things I'm just literally going to take the taupe color again and

  • just do this on my eye give it a little more definition is this

  • child feel the powder

  • and you know what of the one last thing it's honestly unnecessary but I'm so

  • obsessed with this father okay don't be shocked this is also Chanel

  • this is the translucent bomb it's the best highlighter I've ever ever seen in

  • my life and it's like sold out everywhere it just gives it like no

  • color wet like real highlighter type of sweat look that makes sense but in a

  • really really good way so I am going to wear flats I'll be comfortable I'm gonna

  • wear my red bag we're gonna take an outfit of the day nothing too crazy

  • something that I feel comfortable my skin doesn't feel like something's heavy

  • is on it that's the reason why I kind of don't like to use any foundations and

  • prefer to use concealer where needed or things like that bronzers of Charlotte

  • Tilbury bronzing moisturizer just because like when you work in it kind of

  • helps to hide any imperfections I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial thank you

  • for watching thank you for getting ready with me don't forget to subscribe and

  • press the bell and if you guys haven't checked out summer essentials you can

  • check it over here

hi guys welcome back to my channel I had enough plan to make this video but I

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