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I was overwhelmed.
She said I must be pure of heart.
He called himself.
We served just like a wizard from Harry Potter or some.
But you're saying that other people have experienced this in a sense.
Do you remember what he said to you?
He tested me.
There were these statues, their eyes.
It's like they were looking at me, making me think things.
What horrible things into these.
Approximate what you saw?
That's exactly how I remember.
It's I don't understand.
How do you know?
Recurrent imagery has proven very common in cases of mass hysteria.
Mass hysteria.
I know the terms a bit theatrical, but take UFO sightings, for example.
Lights in the sky, flying saucers, isolated incidents of people who do not know each other symbols.
As for about the symbols.
Sorry, Ms Kwan, but as an example of recurrent imagery, maybe you recall seeing these symbols before the alleged abduction.
I don't remember any symbols.
No, I think I caught it on video.
There was something.
I remember the numbers on my alarm clock.
They kept shifting video.
Show me the video.
Uh, Ms Kwan, this is Dr Savanah.
Um, one moment I can send it.
What's there?
What's going on?
What's happening then?
This blinding light all around me and I felt like I was getting pulled down into selling feel like sunlight.
Camping car from a guy called to save the world.
I appreciate your enthusiasm, but your funding, my project.
And when I'm interviewing, I don't want to be interrupted.
56 recorded abductions I never saw, so what?
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Dr. Crosby and Dr. Sivana Interviews | Shazam! [4k, HDR]

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 10, 2020
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