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Hi everyone, it's Katrina, and this is you Love Your Body series. Now today, we are going
to Love Our Abs, so follow along. I'm going to just grab dumbbells. I have 8 pounds. And
I just want you to tip from side to side, warming up your waistline. And slide the dumbbells
down. And 4, 3, 2 and 1. Now we're gonna put one dumbbell down for your Love Triangle.
So you're going to put your left foot out to the side, and your right foot is facing
straight forward. And then your right arm goes in the air, and roll your left arm right
down your leg, and then come up. Working that waistline right here. So we're toning that
whole side. Okay, go down and then come up. It helps to look at the dumbbell and make
sure you're going straight down with it, and then right above you. Good. Okay, three more
-- 3, 2 and 1. Other side, switch. Two more. Last one. Good. Now put that dumbbell down.
We are going to go to the end of our mat. I want you to bend over. Come down into a
plank on your hands. Good. Stay right there. We are going to cinch from side to side. So
you go this way and then go this way -- 4, 3, 2, last one. Now I want you to flip to
your side. Dip down. Come up, plank. Flip to the side. Dip down, up. There you go. Stay
with me. Two more. Last one. Good. Now I want you to go down into Downward Facing Dog, and
lift one leg up. Come to your elbow, one leg up. Into the middle. Lift up and do the opposite.
Great job. And last one. Good. Now stay right here. Take a deep breath. Left leg in the
air to your elbow. Middle. To the side. And last one. Good. Now I want you to turn over
onto your back. We're gonna work the lower abs again. Hands underneath your bum. Bring
your legs here. Now I want you to draw a heart, and then come up a little bit. Heart and then
come up. Heart, come up. And heart. Good. Now go down. And back up. Okay, four more
-- 4, 3. All the way down -- 2 and 1. Good. Now hands behind your head. We're going to
crunch up to the middle, to the side, and to the side. Good. Now I want you to bring
your leg up when you come up to the side, middle, and side. Good. Just lift those shoulder
blades off the ground, and you'll feel that all throughout your upper abs. Great job.
Last set. To the side, to the middle, and to the side. Good. Reach for the sky. And
roll up. Alright, we want you to pair that with your Cupid's Cardio. And remember, your
printable routine is at the link below. And check-in with us on Facebook, Twitter. And
leave a comment below with if you did the workout, if you loved it, and especially that
you love your body. See you next time.
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Love Your Abs Routine With Katrina! | Tone It Up Love Your Body Series

1267 Folder Collection
Why Why published on March 25, 2013
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