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Live Entertainment is a big part of the Disney experience at the Walt Disney World theme parks.
From Main Street to Africa, it's around every corner.
In addition to the small scale performances, the parks also offer many larger scale shows in a variety of forms.
The Carousel of Progress, a show that relies exclusively on audio animatronics, is claimed to have more performances than any other state show in the history of American theater.
Now this all might be true, but today's video is going to focus on the large scale live shows at the theme parks, since that's one topic that hasn't really been discussed on this channel.
Most of these shows include live vocalists, your favorite Disney characters, and some might just end with a bang.
So here are TPM pics of the top seven best state shows at Walt Disney World number seven Voyage of The Little Mermaid.
Starting the list off at Disney's Hollywood Studios Voyage of the Little Mermaid opened on January 7th, 1992.
The show is over 25 years old, and it's practically remained unchanged since it opened, although at some point it does seem like Ariel received a new Rock and Finn.
The show does have one major downfall and that it tries to cram the entire movie into a 17 minute performance, which makes the story feel very rushed.
It does, however, feature some really cool black light puppetry, with over 100 puppets performing the classic song Under the Sea theme.
Now all of aerials vocals and Voyage of the Little Mermaid are live, which is a big reason why the show even made the list since live vocals at a lot more depth to any stage show.
Now the show is long overdue for an update and could really use some new digital animation in the projections.
But if you're a fan of the Little Mermaid movie, then you'll definitely enjoy the show.
Number six Indiana Jones epic stunts Spectacular Just around the corner at Hollywood Studios is Echo Lake, where it's home to the Indiana Jones epic stunt Spectacular.
The show opened on August 25th 1989 back when the park was still MGM Studios.
The 25 minutes stunt show models after Raiders of The Lost Ark gives you a behind the scenes look at what it would be like to be on the set oven.
Indiana Jones film.
Yeah, Hollywood Studios is rapidly changing and has definitely moved away from the behind the scenes aspect of Hollywood.
So this stunt show is probably one of the last attractions left that references this idea now.
With that said, even though the show is almost 30 years old, it's held up really well, and it's still very entertaining.
I mean, it never really gets old.
Seeing Indiana Jones running away from the £400 rubber boulder or the impressive finale sequence.
There's no way this show is gonna be around forever, so definitely enjoy it while it's still at the park and try to get there a bit early because these shows they'll fill up really quickly.
Number five.
Mickey's Royal Friendship Fair.
Even though Magic Kingdom is the flagship park at Walt Disney World, there's only one major state show where you can see Mickey Mouse.
Mickey's Royal Friendship Fair opened on June 16th 2016 and its performance multiple times per day on the Castle stage.
Mickey, Many Donald, Goofy and Daisy are all joined by characters from The Princess and The Frog.
Tangled and Frozen You Are.
It's a fun 22 minute show filled with songs from your favorite Disney films and also has a catching you theme song just for the show way waypoint in the nineties.
There are three places to see.
Mickey Mouse live on stage at Magic Kingdom, the Extinct Galaxy Place Theater in Tomorrow and the Theater in Micky, Star Land and, of course, the Castle Stage.
But now, sadly, there's just one.
Mickey's Royal Friendship Fair might not be the most technical show, and it can get very hot standing out in the sun for 22 minutes.
But if you want to see the mouse, this is the place to be.
Number four Beauty and the Beasts live on stage Theater of the Stars at Hollywood's studios is home to beauty and the beasts live on stage.
The show opened in the original Theatre of the Stars off Hollywood Boulevard on November 21st 1991 the same day the animated Beauty and the Beast film was released in theaters, it was used as a way to market the new film, allowing audiences to become familiar with the music and the story of Beauty and the Beast.
Unlike Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast has a running time of 25 minutes, which allows for a much more cohesive story telling.
It includes eight songs from the animated film, with Belle and Gaston both being live vocalists at every show.
Aside from some updates in 2001 that added the prologue and Bells reprise along with rearranging the order of some of the other songs, the show is practically the exact same.
After 27 years.
Does Beauty and the Beast live on stage show that it was conceived and designed in the early nineties?
Sure, Could it be time to upgrade or close the show to make way for something new?
I mean, it's probably on its way, but while it's around, it's still a fun and entertaining tale as old as Time.
Number three.
Festival of the Lion King, The Harambee Theater at Animal Kingdom, is home to the Festival of the Lion King.
The show originally opened in Camp Minnie Mickey on April 22nd 1998 and was an opening day attraction at the park.
It relocated to the Haram A Theater in June of 2014.
Festival of the Line King is a 30 minute show presented in what's known as theater in the Round, so there's really no such thing as a bad seat in the theatre.
Ah, traveling troupe of performers celebrates the line King film through a musical revue style show, which isn't anything like the Broadway musical.
This isn't a retelling of the story, but more of a concert that features your favorite songs from the movie like Circle of Life and Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
And this is all told through dance, acrobatics, fire twirling, audience participation and four live lead vocalists.
Different actors bring something fresh and you to any life performance.
And on any given day there's usually two different castes that alternate every two shows, so you can experience a slightly different show with different performers.
On the same day, the dancers and acrobats in the show are also some of the most enthusiastic performers you'll find at Walt Disney World, although nothing in the show has really changed since it opened in 1998.
I can't say it's ever felt outdated or has overstayed its welcome.
There's just something about this show that's fun and entertaining no matter how many times you've seen it, and no matter how old it gets Number two fantasmic Continuing the Tour around Hollywood Studios It's time to take a look at Fantasmic.
This is one show that's been brought up a lot on this channel, and if you couldn't tell, it's definitely one of my favorites.
Fantasmic opened on October 15th 1998 and takes you right into Mickey's imagination.
The show is commonly referred to as a nighttime spectacular, and it's definitely just that you get right in that Disney spirit as soon as you hear.
In addition to this great musical score, Fantasmic features some amazing pyro on firework effects, water screens, lasers, floating barges and lots of Disney magic.
Oh, and how can you forget the dozens of Disney characters?
The show features a cast of over 40 performers that brings this 22 minutes spectacular right to life.
One little tip is that if you said in the first few rows, you'll probably get way.
So take that into consideration when choosing one of the almost 7000 seats in the Amphitheatre.
Although Fantasmic is one of my personal favorites, it could really benefit from some updates.
Since it's the exact same show that opened in 1998 nothing's really changed.
Nonetheless, not only is Fantasmic the perfect stage show to end your day at Hollywood Studios, it's also a must see in terms of nighttime entertainment at the resort.
Number one.
Finding Nemo, The musical.
We're gonna finish this list off at Theater in the Wild in Animal Kingdom.
Finding Nemo.
The musical officially opened on January 24th 2007.
Now this show is the closest thing you'll find to a Broadway musical at Walt Disney World.
This 40 minute adaptation of the popular Pixar film uses puppetry, music and dance to tell the story of Marlin, the clownfish on his journey to find a son.
Thief Show has 14 original songs composed by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson Lopez, who at the time where Tony award winners for best original score for Avenue Q.
They're also the team responsible for the music and frozen.
If you're a big fan of musical theater, then this is the show for you, since the entire cast, including the ensemble Singh's Life Ah, thing is a very talented group of actors in Finding Nemo, and you actually have enough time to fully invest in these characters to go along the journey with them.
It was going I couldn't now like Festival of the Lion King.
On any given day, there's two sets of lead cast members that split the performances in half.
So if you see the first show and the last show of the day, you'll definitely get to experience different actors in the roles of Marlin, Story and Nemo.
Arguably, the show alone is worth the price of admission.
So you definitely don't want to miss Finding Nemo.
The musical s so there you go those air TPM stop seven States shows at Walt Disney World.
Most of these shows have multiple performances a day, so be sure to check the Times Guide for exact Showtime's Now.
In your opinion, what's the best?
Stay chill at Walt Disney World and in terms of Hollywood studios, all those shows are pretty old.
So which one do you think is gonna be the first to close or maybe even receive a major update?
Leave a comment down below to start a conversation.
And don't forget to hit that like button if you enjoyed the video.
If you have any videos from the Disney Park, so you'd like to share with us to be used in future videos, follow the link in the description below face.
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Top 7 BEST Stage Shows at Walt Disney World

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 10, 2020
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