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  • come on leaps and bounds about this season.

  • John Leslie has been for me the player of the season.

  • But last game fans have got to win.

  • I think you just do it.

  • I mean, I think if that Scotland can put up in the 1st 20 minutes and against the aggressors, then I think they might tactically win it at the end of the day.

  • Okay, well, see, I don't get the Grand National BBC one, but set the video and you can watch it after this match is over and done with.

  • Let's go to the stand of France and I commented to Gavin Hastings on not just Paris in the spring.

  • Beware of the French With the sun on their backs, welcome to the world's finest rugby stadium for the final weekend.

  • Off the tornado are the psych Nastya, which began in 1910 and you're here with 80,000 in this magnificent stabbed the France Scotland here for the first time and hopes high of turning the tables on the heavy defeat at the hands of France last year, Marty Field and with winds over Wales and Ireland that chance still remains of taking the championship title for the first time since their Grand Slam of 1990.

  • Well part of that historic occasion on dhe, Scotland's last win in Paris at the Parc de France.

  • Alongside me, Gavin Hastings.

  • Is the optimism justified?

  • You think?

  • Well, I think, Nigel.

  • Yes, very much indeed.

  • And the Scottish team certainly know what to expect from a French side that doesn't say Want to record three losses in a row in this five Mason championship?

  • I think they only 20 minutes are going to be absolutely crucial to the outcome of this game on a Scotland instead, and the tide of aggression, if you like from the French forwards.

  • And neither would go a long way towards giving them the opportunity of winning the match.

  • French side.

  • We're just looking as they line up for the anthems, which has lacked confidence.

  • It seems to have lost its way, but this man hasn't.

  • That, of course, is Gregor Townsend, who's looking to equal that record off scoring a try in every championship game added to which, of course, he scored a try against Italy as well.

  • So the lads doing all right, the player who now of course, is representing Breathe in the French Championship and we'll be a closed today by his club partner, Philippe Carbono.

  • But for the moment, 80,000 go quiet, as in the sunshine teams line up on wait for the anthems.

  • Well, I'm not sure whether that was Moments was part of a psychological warfare.

  • Sounded less like Flower of Scotland than some funereal march.

  • Now I guess the masseuses look at teams of Frank's side who have performed well below par Grand Slam of the last two years.

  • Remember?

  • But will the sunshine on this outfit three changes which see the return of Caliph Arno a formidable obstacle?

  • It's a first full start for the perennial reserve.

  • T Erry Claytor.

  • His nightcap my first time at the kickoff on the first cap for the new openside flanker.

  • Christiane Lobby off to lose Onda, Scotland side buoyant after impressive wins at home against Wales and Ireland, 11 tries, the most of any side in the Five Nations.

  • They've also three changes to enforced by injury, So David Hilton's back for Tom Smith, who broke his leg against Ireland.

  • Stewart Reed comes in, he wins.

  • His second cap out is Eric Peters, who broke his kneecap in a club game on Budge.

  • Pountney starts for the first time since the Springbok tests, with Peter Walton initially on the bench.

  • But I sense we may well be seeing him in action at some point in the game.

  • All part of Jim Telford's master plan.

  • Will this master plan succeed?

  • Govern?

  • Well, I'm very much hoping so.

  • Office, I think, the key man.

  • They're about to take the kickoff Gregor times and the load is resting on his shoulders.

  • He's had a wonderful Five Nations championship.

  • You know, I think that Scotland really can come into this game with a lot of confidence.

  • It will do so in the field that if they can play well, then they have a certain chance of victory.

come on leaps and bounds about this season.

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France v Scotland Rugby International 1999

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