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  • Hello and welcome to sports glamour.

  • Once again Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe Only taste met 22nd February 2020 Both teams playing in love and number one left handed batsman.

  • I'm a meatball.

  • Number two Right handed batsman Safe Hassan Number T lived handed Batsman Mommy!

  • No Hawk number four We could keep her and right hander birds.

  • Men Mustique or him Number five.

  • But I attended Firstman Mohammed Tommy Tune number six.

  • We could keep her and right 100 births Men.

  • Little Kumar Thus, number seven All the under name Hassan number eight.

  • Bowling all rounder made the Hassan made out number nine Left arm Orthodox Bowler Die Julie Slum number 10 Left arm Fast Bowler Mustafizur Rahman Number 11 Right arm fast Bowler Taschen Ahmed de Mowbray Team playing a love him.

  • Number one Left hand Adverse Men Prince Mess ver Number two.

  • We could keep her and right 100 birds Men gave him Castle Gia number three betting all the owner Bri on Mott Jigen Yama number four.

  • Left handed batsman Craig Arvin Number five.

  • We could keep her and right 100 birds men.

  • Brandon Taylor, number six, Although nder Sikander Roger number seven.

  • We could keep her and right handed birds Men Riggi stuck up number eight Betting all the under 18 0 tender moon.

  • Somebody number nine.

  • Right, Our first medium Buller Carl Mamba Number 10.

  • Right arm First Bowler Donald Tree Barlow Number 11 Right arm, first medium Buller Grace, Import food viewers Who will win this Just met.

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Hello and welcome to sports glamour.

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