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  • Taylor Swift's Me Music Video.

  • 12.

  • Hit in Meanings and Easter Eggs.

  • The 29 year old entertainer is notorious for putting tons of hidden messages and Easter eggs all throughout her music videos, and she's done it again for her Me video with Brennan Yuri.

  • There's some moments in the video that have special meaning, but you'll likely miss them if you were to blink before we start.

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  • Karon the Snake.

  • It looks like Karen the Snake is gone for good.

  • After being introduced during a reputation era, the snake is transformed into pretty butterflies for Taylor's next actor, Number two Christmas trees.

  • Did you know Taylor and her family grew up on a Christmas tree?

  • Farm number three.

  • MEREDITH and Olivia Taylor's cats make an appearance like this video.

  • If you think they're cute.

  • Number four Dixie Chicks in her apartment.

  • Taylor has a painting up of the Dixie Chicks.

  • Is she hinting at a possible Collab on the upcoming album Number five Staircase from Look what You Made Me Do video in the Look What You Made Me do video.

  • Taylor was seated on a throne on top of a dark staircase.

  • She has now descended the throne, and everything is much brighter.

  • Number six, Taylor answers the phone.

  • You look what you made me do, Taylor said.

  • The sorry.

  • The old Taylor can't come to the phone.

  • Why?

  • Because she's dead.

  • She's dead.

  • Well, not anymore.

  • Number seven Taylor survives the snake bite.

  • In the past, Taylor had gotten upset over being called a snake, but now it doesn't seem to bother her anymore.

  • Number 87 Suitcases.

  • The seven suitcases in the video represent her past six albums and the one that she will be dropping soon.

  • Taylor also wore seven outfits in the video Drop A like on this video.

  • If you're excited about the new coming album, Number nine Clock said it 8 30 in a total blank in You'll miss it moments.

  • The clock behind Brendan in the video is set to 8 30 Is she teasing that her album will be dropped on August 30th?

  • Number 10 Lover Neon sign.

  • Taylor has a huge neon sign that spells out lover that is very hard to miss in the video fan's air, convinced that's going to be the title of a track on the new album Number 11.

  • Spelling is fun.

  • One lyric in the song is spelling his fun.

  • This references Taylor taking part in spelling bees is a child number 12 cowboy boots.

  • Taylor is wearing her cowboy boots again.

  • It looks like she might be going back to her country roots for this new era.

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Taylor Swift's Me Music Video.

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