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this right?
It can be really, man.
If the hot diggity doubt go to stay warrior problems or problems or problems or problems or problems and problems, they're sober.
But through the money depressive we call it my blessings are like a bull in the birdies back tummy and profit from a site in.
That's why I call it and I do crazy 80 curry.
So you can only imagine how excited I waas and I don't put some shoes on this boy.
So his three point shot is even better ball handling even better, and it's going to increase his stamina.
So we're gonna be out there trying to bless somebody up all game.
Love about to get a game play in here.
My lineup.
Oh, yeah.
Wanted switch thing.
I wanted to switch them, too.
So this is gonna be my star in lineup Curry, Vince Carter, Canada Rant Kawai Letter shake.
You owe Neil.
I don't like it was nothing else I could do is for us making the starting lineup better.
And our second safe is gonna be lit as well.
Let's see what homeboy squad looking like Gilbert Arenas claims Thompson.
We got that, Paul Pierce.
He's pretty nice.
99 99 99 98 98.
Good defense.
Good defense.
Let's go.
I sat running the show.
Oh, Curry.
Got it.
Curry Coming down with the layout.
Finger roller.
You know what time it is?
Oh, yeah.
We're running plays.
Yeah, run it.
I'm gonna show you a play.
I I'm gonna show you a play.
The races.
What this boy Steph Curry could do.
I know you shot was that he could come by here.
Light in it.
Look how quick he is.
See him.
You try and get a steal.
Go this away.
I'm a point from now.
Ah, Get aboard.
We got all rebound.
Take it right back, Grace.
Oh, crap.
No, I left Clay.
Clay wide open.
That's a big mistake.
We're coming right back, so don't worry about it fast.
Yeah, we go.
Pull it in his grill.
Get it set.
I see you in the corner.
Kawai, give me the green.
No, sir.
We got that defense on him.
Oh, crap.
Yeah, I get that on.
He only got 0.8 seconds.
I would have made that I would have been super tight.
You feel me.
Oh, we're gonna No, Look, Pass!
Don't add value.
I saw you, Durant.
It is boy Nasty 80.
No son of mine steals over and over.
What about right here?
She went out of bounds.
Let's get his buzzer beater.
Let's get this buzzer.
If he would have paid at home, where probably would have quit?
I'm assuming I want some.
Zayan can pull it.
Dude, Break Some ankles were waves.
Look at me.
Look at him.
You know, he's so daggone slipped Getting into that pain 80.
That's money, yoke and shit.
That little fade away right there.
May no, sir.
Way got that deep.
It's pop.
And I told you, Look at this.
Watch this.
We're gonna tell you what you I've got things I on baseline.
Watch this.
Who He should have went up and slam that pain.
Loki his past in his own 0.8 and check me out.
That's easy, Dag.
Man, I wanted that one way back.
He tried to play no deep.
Oh, you gotta give it that much space.
You get curry Got range, baby.
Running in place.
Deal occurred with board.
I see you all the way up court.
Big black going duck that That's a day a day.
Get that out of hay.
What you thought you was doing?
I see you, big boy shack.
I see you shagged them.
Oh, I gotta get saucy.
Their moves.
Um, Bane in a You need a time out?
Oh, way.
With the moves.
Yes, that big old tail down in the paint.
You gonna leave?
Holy moly.
I know you can make it down.
Back that thing on up again.
Suit that day, sir.
I just take it.
And I I made 4/4 collects time, crunch time.
Whatever you.
Oh, you're trying to take that boy, Curry.
Who's brown?
We ain't even filing.
I see you burn.
Cut into the basket.
That's too easy, man.
Pick and roll.
It's serious over here.
We gotta be serious now.
I still got my boy, Joe.
You already know he gonna take control trying to play that.
Give me a still.
He running plays, he running plays no, son.
And that was that.
He got bored.
Oh, it's a two point game.
You in the corner?
Yeah, that's us.
I see you, curry.
Oh, no.
Where you come from?
Hey, a straight up Got a user pick off it and went back to work with it.
They got me smothered.
They got curry.
Smother picking rule is serious with him.
Nobody was gonna pass it over yonder.
No, sir.
Get the rebound.
Oh, no.
He wide open.
Oh, my gosh!
Keep running, Bosch.
Yeah, baby.
Let's get it.
You don't get time.
Oh, no.
About Whoa, whoa!
How about we come down with a lab?
Get it?
And that was that.
Glows that they would come out in the corner.
Crow gonna make that watch the corner.
That's what I'm talking about, baby.
You you foul over three.
Miss one, miss one.
I got a bow and it can't catch up to me.
Oh, man.
That one right there.
The one that just through the t shirt.
You see?
What in the booth dropped me for?
Yeah, I caught that day, bro.
He had been with an elbow drop for the foul curry gone.
Get those 95.9% of the time When I go claim.
Okay, go play.
Oh, yeah.
Right now.
Oh, my God!
She almost got it with Clay.
You see that?
I am gonna miss no free throw on purpose.
Don't even bang on it, dude.
I know what you want to get it.
Oh, Stab Black.
I was gonna say Shoot it, Curry Gonna walk outta Hare with Dad.
And that was a good game.
That was fun.
I am digging my team right now.
That boy curry at the point guard, Durant hit a clutch three Shack was doing this thing all game long.
D wade, all of them.
I'll be back with some more soon.
Makes you hit me up on Twitter Instagram all that good stuff me.
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27 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 10, 2020
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