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Taking a trip on the world famous Jungle Cruise is a must do attraction when visiting Magic Kingdom.
The iconic adventure land attraction opened with the park on October 1st 1971 and like it's Disneyland counterpart, the ride was a major hit.
The Jungle Cruise takes you on a journey down several major rivers and Asia, Africa and South America.
And this is the ride where the jokes and puns can go on for Niles and Niles.
You'll find some of the best cast members on this ride, and since each of them puts their own personality into the script, you'll always get a fresh and unique experience every time you ride.
Now, since opening in 1971 the right has built up a pretty impressive history, and there's a lot of little hidden secrets and fax about the ride that not many people know about.
I mean, it's kind of a big deal, but this is the Onley Disney ride with an actual jungle book, so make sure to keep your hands, arms, feet and legs inside the vote at all times as we count down the top 10 Secrets and fax of Magic Kingdom's Jungle Cruise Number 10 right on track.
Ever wonder why your skipper's sometimes lets a little kid steer the jungle cruise boat?
Well, that's because the boat rides on a track and the skipper isn't actually steering the boat.
Now the skipper's do a pretty good job convincing you that their steering and some can even control a telepath thickly without ever using their hands.
The skill right there, although the skipper's don't physically steer the boat.
They can, however, control the speed and move the boat forwards or backwards.
So next time, your skipper might not be looking where they're going, or for that split second, they don't have their hands on the steering wheel.
No need to worry.
You'll stay right on track number nine.
That's not dirt.
The water in the jungle cruise doesn't exactly look like the cleanest water, but that's done on purpose, and it isn't actually dirty.
Disney uses a special water soluble dye to tent the water, a brownish greenish color so you can't see the inner workings of the ride.
This hides the boats, track and other mechanical components of the animatronic animals in the water Tenting.
The water also gives the illusion that it's much deeper than it actually is.
But in reality, most of the areas along the river are only about four feet deep and areas with the animatronics, such as the hippo pool that's about eight feet deep.
Number eight, a giant blender.
So the jungle cruise is pretty much a giant blender.
How so?
Well, since the water is tinted that brownish greenish color, they needed a way to dispense the dies evenly, and the solution starts right at Sweitzer Falls.
Well, sort of.
Behind Switzer falls.
Nope, even further back.
So behind the falls there's a pumping station that supplies all the water for the jungle cruise.
Disney places the dye into the water, and it's dispensed into the river through the waterfall.
As the jungle cruise votes make their way around the river.
First thing in the morning, they act as the blender and mixed the die through the water, so it's not concentrated in just one area.
Number seven.
Can you see it?
About a minute and 1/2 into your boat to her.
You'll see three canoes along the shore on the right hand side, and they actually belong to three very important characters.
Can you see it, Huh?
Well, the one in the middle with the beak.
That's Donald Duck, the one to the left, with the pointy horns that's goofy and the one on the right with the curved horns and the blue face.
Well, that's the one and only Mickey Mouse.
At first glance, it's kind of hard to make that connection, but once someone points it out, you'll only see those three characters in those abstracts carvings from now on.
So you're very welcome.
Number six crashed.
Did you know there's a little piece of the now extinct great movie ride on the Jungle cruise?
Well, kinda sorta so in the great movie ride, there was the scene from Casablanca that had the rial walk.
He'd Electra aircraft well when building the great movie ride.
Disney only used the front half of the airplane for the ride, so on the Jungle cruise.
As you pass, Switzer falls on the right hand side.
You'll find the back end of that airplane crashed into the foliage.
Disney placed it on the Jungle cruise in 1994.
And who knows now that the great movie ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios has closed, maybe the front half of the plane could make its way somewhere into the dense foliage of the jungle Cruise number five.
No Matics When designing the world famous jungle cruise, Walt Disney originally wanted to use real animals on the right.
Well, after consulting with animal specialists, he'd learned they'd be very unreliable, so the solution was to use audio animatronics.
Now the animatronics are a big part of the jungle cruise.
They had a lot of humor to the ride and are the butts of a lot of the skipper's jokes.
And with that said, all the animals on the jungle cruise are animatronics, and that includes the giant python.
Apparently, a lot of people think it's really now.
Disney animatronics usually run off hydraulics or electric actuators that control the figures.
Well, since the animatronics on the jungle cruise are all in direct contact with water, they use an a Matic system that pushes compressed air through a cylinder, which then creates the animation in the animals when you're passing by the hippo pool.
If you listen closely, it's not the sound of hungry, hungry hippos.
That's the compressors releasing air to move the animatronics number four fogged out.
One major difference between Disneyland and Walt Disney World's Jungle Cruise is that Disney World has the indoor temple scene, and Disneyland does not.
It's something that Imagineer, Mark Davis decided to add when designing the Ride for Magic Kingdom.
While inside the temple there used to be a fog effect similar to what scene here at the beginning of your boat cruise?
Well, the problem with the fog is that it ended up wearing down the for very quickly on the animatronic tiger.
The for began to look horrible because of the moisture, so Disney shut the effect off in favor of maintaining the animatronics.
So if you remember there being fog at one point, you aren't wrong.
You can just blame this little guy.
Number three.
The laser.
Everything on the jungle cruise always seems to be perfectly timed with the skipper's dialogue, right, Well, that's because there's laser sensors hidden along the river, so when the boat passes, it signals a specific effect to go off.
This includes certain sound effects and water elements.
So when you're passing by those elephants with their trunks on and it looks like one might just spray you, well, that isnot the case because as you approach your boat, just slow down to signal the sensor for the elephant to stop spraying the water.
You know the right does like to keep its dry humor.
Number two.
I love disco and we are talking about disco yeti when you're passing the ambushers on the left hand side.
One of them actually says, I love disco now, between the skipper talking, the music guests reacting and the other audio tracks that played during the scene.
It's kind of hard to hear, but it's definitely there.
Take a listen.
Did you hear it once more?
Ah, keys to the Kingdom Tour Guide did in fact confirm that one of them does say I love disco, but the disco era didn't really peak until the mid seventies, which was after the ride had opened.
So the rumor is that it was a play on words of the Disney Company Disco Disney Company.
I Love This Go Yeti Number one Trader Sam.
From 1971 into the early nineties, the jungle cruise boats used to be white and had stripes, canopies that were red and blue well when they upgraded to the current votes.
We know today the stripe canopies were gnome, or or so you thought.
At the end of the ride, Trader Sam pays homage to the original jungle cruise boats, since his skirt features the same red and white stripes pattern.
Now, multiple cast members have said that when the original canopies were removed, Disney used the old material for Trader Sam Skirt.
But after looking at our home video footage, the stripes on the old canopies were spaced much further apart than the stripes on this skirt.
Then looking further into it, he's had that straight skirt well before the early nineties, when the boats were changed.
So his skirt has always been a direct tie into the vote canopies.
It's just probably not the old material that was left over.
Well, that's the end of our tour of the world famous jungle cruise.
What's your favorite part?
about the ride.
Do you have a favorite skipper at the parks?
Or maybe a favorite joke?
Leave a comment down below and start a conversation.
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Top 10 BEST Jungle Cruise Secrets- Walt Disney World

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 10, 2020
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